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This began with songpics...

But I associate specific songs with people or events. Either the lyrics or overall feel of a song remind me of a certain aspect of a person/how I feel about a person, or I just heard the song a lot during a particular time period.

Mkay. Some songs may be associated with multiple people. These are also mostly pop-ish songs, for reasons I'm not sure of.

Michael - predictably, the boy is linked to many, many songs. Oddly enough, almost none of them are relating to his personality, mostly to my feelings towards him. I've yet to encounter a song that accurately pinpoints enough facets of his personality to attach it to him.
  • Anything by Jethro Tull. Listened to it in his car. I love his car. Warm, fuzzy, happy car.
  • Most stuff by Blind Guardian. Same reason as above.
  • Paper Bag - Fiona Apple. It's so true it's not even funny. More like scary. Yes.
  • I Love You - Celine Dion. If you need this one explained, you are an idiot.
  • I'd Rather Be In Love - Michelle Branch. Search for the lyrics. Then you understand what the underlying mindset of Jenni was for quite some time.
  • Hands Clean - Alanis Morisette. Not so much. Just... I dunno.
  • I Can Love You Better - Dixie Chicks. Natch. Check out the lyrics.
  • Whatever it Takes - Celine Dion. This song applies to most of my close friends. (I make it sound like I've got a lot of close friends. tee hee!)
  • Time Warp - RHPS. *snicker* My only regret about high school is that I did not ever get to see Michael do the Time Warp. Darn it!
  • Sleep Together - Garbage. Uh... no comment. *snerk*
  • There's your trouble - Dixie Chicks. Yeah. Back when I actually made some effort to 'compete' with Emily.
  • Passion and the Opera - Nightfall. He suggested it to me at some point. When I got around to listening to it, I liked it quite a bit.
  • My All - Mariah Carey. I'd forgotten how much I like that song.
  • Make You Happy - Celine Dion.
  • Wasting my Life - The Hippos. Yeeeeeeeeah.
  • My Funny Valentine - Frank Sinatra. I remember being so incredulous when Emily rattled off any faults of his that she could think of; I loved him in spite of (and sometimes because of) those same faults.
  • Goodbye to You - Michelle Branch. Lyrics. Very much the lyrics.

    Kara -
  • Truly, Madly, Deeply - Savage Garden. I remember her telling me about the spot in the song, where if you listen closely, Darren Hayes whispers "I love you". I listen for it every time I hear the song, now.
  • Memories - CATS. I associate Kara with theater and drama and musicals. CATS and Le Mis. in particular.
  • Strawberry Wine - Deanna Carter. She told me about the song, once. I downloaded it three or four years later.

    Emily -
  • Sittin' on Go - Bryan White . I remember her telling me that she had to lie to her dad about what the lyrics were or he'd have been upset.
  • Sayin' Goodbye - Sugarcult. This is just simply the story of her existance, I think.
  • Daddy's Little Defect - Sugarcult. The title makes a really morbid, twisted sort of sense if you knew her before her dad died, as compared to what she's like now.
  • Story of a Girl - Evan and Jarron. I can picture Michael singing something like this about her.
  • Follow Me - Uncle Cracker. I don't even know why, for certain.
  • Meet Virgina - Train. Reminds me of her. A lot.
  • Bitch - Meredith Brooks. I remember singing it with her. Many, many times.
  • All You Wanted - Michelle Branch. Due to the lyrics.
  • Accoustic #3 - Goo Goo Dolls. Lyrics. Very sad, short little song.

    Greg -
  • Frontier Psychiatrist - The Avalanches. Greg is perfect for this song. I cannot describe it any further.
  • All You Wanted - Michelle Branch. Difficult to explain. But it really, really reminds me of him.
  • Whatever it Takes - Celine Dion. See previous explaination of this song's existance on this list.
  • Stupid Girls - Newfound Glory. Because apparently, according to him, he gets shot down a bit by the ladies. For the life of me, I can't figure out why. Someone date this boy, he's a sweetheart. Geez, girls are so stupid....
  • Kryptonite - Three Doors Down. I have no clue why.
  • Broadway - Goo Goo Dolls. I remember anytime he'd hear it in my car, he'd sit up a little and say 'I love this song'. The lyrics also remind me a bit of him.

    John -
  • Control - Puddle of Mudd. Uh... I can't explain this. I really can't. Of all the songs... *snicker* really, I associate most Puddle of Mudd songs with John, now that I think on it. Why is that?

    Mike/Chad -
  • Any rap music. 'Specially gangsta rap. Because they're both so white they're translucent. *snerk* it's very, very funny to hear/see them sometimes.
  • J-pop. Or most of it, anyway. Mike introduced me to Utada Hikaru's music, and I've stubbornly clung to it since. Despite many complaints from Nicole.

    Me - ain't I self-centered? Yes.
  • Paper Bag - Fiona Apple. See previous mentioning. It is me.
  • Breakdown - Mariah Carey. This was my theme song my junior year. Yes, I had a theme song. Sort of. Quiet, you!
  • Gunning Down Romance - Savage Garden. I am bitter. Or something. I dunno. I see the title of this song and I imagine a black and white shot of a hand falling to the floor, some dark hair drifting down beside it as the entire body lands (though you can't see it). Then a puddle of blood (providing the only color) slowly oozing as the light cast from the doorway shows the sillouhette of someone holding a gun, then placing it to their own head, then...
  • I'm Only Happy When it Rains - Garbage. I happen to like rainy days. And this song strikes a chord in me. It's a weird feeling when you realize that most people would consider you depressed/suicidal, but you are perfectly fine with that and are relatively content and even happy. A weird feeling indeed. this was mostly last year.
  • Bitch - Meredith Brooks. Only on my better days.
  • All By Myself - Celine Dion. Back in about 8th grade before I gave myself a good mental smack and got used to being alone.
  • Don't Let Me Get Me - Pink. Heh.

    Events -
  • B&C - Utada Hikaru. It's a song about Bonnie and Clyde (not sure of the exact content; most of it is in Japanese). It includes several sound effects of tires squealing. It was playing in my car the night I pulled out of the Texas Art supply parking lot after work, the car hydroplaned, and went through a fence. I remember sitting there, hearing the tires squealing on the song and not being sure if I was still moving and those were the tires of my car or not. I also remember that if my car had been half a foot to the right or left, I probably would have been severely injured or killed. I also remember that it was Michael's birthday, and my mother was having her annual holiday party for her co-workers that night.
  • Blurry - Puddle of Mudd. The lyrics make me think of high school "Everything's so blurry and everyone's so fake/Everybody's empty, and everything is so messed up...". A more fitting description of those four years is tricky to locate.
  • Drive All Night - Lit. Nicole would put this song on a lot while we drove around aimlessly last summer.
  • One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. When this song was popular (what, six years ago? seven?), our next-door neighbor (then a high school girl who attended the school I just graduated from, actually) and her mother took the kids in our neighborhood to see a play around Christmastime. I remember it was a pretty decent play. Afterwards we went out for pizza, and on the way to wherever-it-was, Julie (the girl) and I were in her car listening to the radio and this song came on. We sang along.

    Songpics/characters -
  • The Animal Song - Savage Garden. Second Arrival's Parker triplets, Andy, Kiem, and Jesse. I can see this as a music video (with all the warping of reality that entails), starting out with them hearing the drums that apparently no one else can, smirking, and just taking off from their respective locations. Jesse would be in class, and just leap out the window. Kiem is on the subway, maybe on a bus, he dashes off just as it moves away. Andy is with a group of people, and he suddenly breaks from them. They run to some random cliff, look at each other, and go flying off of it as the chorus begins. They land in a tropical waterfall-esque setting and then we proceed to get a lot of silly shots of the boys playing at being Tarzan-like and racnig through the jungle, apparently having the time of their lives.
  • 1000 miles - Vanessa Carlton. When Angels Fall - a 'final' scene with Mariah and Darren (Daniel is nowhere to be found, oddly enough). Mariah is literally doing as the lyics say, pushing her way through a crowd, 'homebound'. Darren is a short distance behind, trying to get to her despite the people on the sidewalk preventing him. She turns, she sees him. Smiles and takes off running, with him in hot persuit. With the first chorus repetition she reaches a huge building and proceeds to make her way to the top, occasionally turning to see Darren stumbling after her. The top of the building is under construction and she runs lightly through it. A few times she stops to help Darren along, then darts off. Mixed throughout is shots of them together in the past. With the third chorus repetition she is very suddenly on the ledge of the roof, looking down. She turns and speaks the lyrics and with the sudden swoop of "you know I'd walk a thousand miles", she steps off and falls. As the chorus repeats again there's a blinding light as wings burst from her back. Darren stands there, sheilding his eyes and gaping at her. Smiling a bit sadly, she reaches out a hand to his, and their fingertips touch as the last note sounds and she suddenly dissolves away into nothing....
  • Castaway - Green Day. Makenzie's Locker theme song. I originally actually drew out a sort of storyboard for how it'd go.. It was cartoony in it's wackiness. Makenzie getting up in the morning, dashing off to school, a quick camera turn around the band hall shows most of the major characters, Matt comes in. Corny, but it worked. Or would've.
  • Insatiable - Darren Hayes. Chris/Kaen songpic. Doubtless X-rated, though it wouldn't be out-and-out pornography. they love each other too much and that song is too sweet to work in any real smut. There would be sex, but tastefully and very romantically displayed. Words aren't working anymore, I think I'm getting tired.

    Yeah. there's thousands more, but I'm tired, damn it. tired.
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