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Mrf. Your 3 AM update. Or some such.

Nicole is having some sort of party today. Methinks I will be hiding. I was all into it earlier (hey, any excuse to dress like a whore. Wait - I need an excuse?) but now I think I'll just remain downstairs curled up on the couch.
My feet are cold.
I want someone to cuddle with. Someone very warm, preferably. Hrm. Anyone happen to be warm, cuddly, in Houston, and have nothing better to do? You can come over and keep me from freezing to death during the party. I promise not to bite unless you want me to. ;]= Guys work best since, as I believed I have mentioned, I hate girls. I really do. I don't like touching or hugging them or anything. Hell, I won't speak to them if I can avoid it. I'm terribly sexist when it comes to the division of my attention between the genders. It's so strange...
*sigh* figures; she finds someone to have some sort of relationship with, and that person is messed up and appears to possess all the logical, rational thinking capabilities of your average 12 year-old girl. Greeeaaaaaaat. Or perhaps I'm judgmental and overprotective. That is a very real possibility.
I really, really need to finish cleaning my room. It's currently not in a proper condition for a party. No available floor space. Of course, a quick run-through to pick up my costumes will take care of that, but I should probably tidy it up more. The things I do for you people... *tsk* heh.

You dwell excessively on past memories, particularly the bad ones. You blame yourself for your faults, and fear being a bad person. You can be delusional and paranoid, yet hide these things from others and bury your feelings deep, where you can revive them to dwell on them later. You need to stop dwelling on the past, and look to the future.

Your song is: War Inside my Head

Which degree of inner turbulence are you?

This quiz was made by Dionae

It's so funny when they're right.

Now I am going to go try to warm up and maybe even sleep.

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