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Okay. Revised to-do list for today:

  • Work on possible site designs for Sub-Sane, since the bastard John and Greg were working with on the site flaked out on them. I keeel him.
  • Mail the stuff I was supposed to mail yesterday (stupid, stupid!) but did not because I am a scatterbrain
  • Double-check the backing up of all files on 'my' comp since I swear to god I'm putting Windows 98 or some other decently reliable OS on that thing... Win ME sucks the eternal penis. It does.
  • Drive around and take pictures of Nicole in strange costumes in strange spots. (Nicole - this might not get done. Mom is at work; we will have to bring Emma with us. And photography in random spots in Houston with a young child = probably not a good idea) Put Off 'Till the Week of June 7th
  • Learn more CSS coding. And more raw HTML stuff. Anyone know some good, in-depth tutorials on CSS? Current plan is to just check out the coding on pussinboots's sites, since I seem to recall her being the CSS goddess or sommat.
  • Go through the Keenspace list again, remake big-ass favorites folder of Sites With Good Design. They do exist on Keenspace. They're just a little harder to find. (Checking out webcomic layouts and planning better ones. These are my hobbies. Yes, I can hear you laughing. Shaddup)
  • Contact stevermore about fixing me chain mail. I have no clue what his phone number is, and I hate the phone anyway. Hopefully he will see this and either IM or post a response or use his mental powers to get a message to me. Yeah. Or something.
  • FUCKING DRAW SOMETHING! *ahem* yes. I sent it to minnaloushe. You people get to see it after she does.
  • But first, sleep. I am guessing mom will have me wake up at 8:30 again, so there's not much hope of getting more than 5 hours sleep. eh. I can sleep next week when they're gone and I've no responsibilities whatsoever. Ahhh, sleep. Blissful sleep.</stike> was only about three hours total, but meh.
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