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Fell into a very deep sleep and woke at 11:30. Managed to be out the door by noon, which, considering I had to shower and wash my hair, is excellent time. I set out, quite sure I'd get lost.I have the worlds worst sense of direction sometimes. I did not get lost. I did, however, spend about two and a half hours more than was necessary being stuck in traffic. Hoorah for deciding the 610 loop only needs one lane at certain points. Whoever thought that one up needs to be shot. Repeatedly.
I made it. Around 3:30 or so I parked by 'debris blanc', Mrs. Mixon's trailer. She is one of those people who miraculously does not age. I have no idea how old she is; she could be anywhere from 40 to 60. She looked exactly as I remembered her. In attendance were Mrs. Mixon, her husband, Mark, Jonathan, Matt, Sarah, Rati, Adrienne, Crystal (I'm pretty sure I'm spelling her name wrong), KK, and Dan. Also there were Bach, Dan's younger brother who skipped two or three grades and is now in college; Benny, the excange student from Germany who lives with Mark; and Avi, who had Mrs. Mixon the year before we did. We played volleyball, sat around and talked, wandered around on the beach, and then loafed around and talked while making some sort of effort to remove at least a bit of all the sand from ourselves.
All in all it was wonderful to see them all again. Save Bach, Benny, and Avi, we'd all been in the same class periods together and so it was a nice little reunion. A bit sad to realize I'd not really spoken to most of these people (excepting the band geeks or those directly related to the band geeks) in over a year in some cases. My best friends from 7th grade, Rachel and Kara, had both moved. Michael, the person from that class who I'm closest to now... Uh... I asked KK if he'd contacted him, KK said no. Mark and Dan might have (they drove around handing out invitations. Dan actually appeared at my house on Thursday to give it to me, which startled me quite a bit at the time), but I'm not sure. I will be angry with someone if they forgot him. I know they probably forgot a lot of people.
So yeah. Got really tired (sun... warm... sleeeeeeep) and so I didn't go see the judging of a huge sand castle contest with everyone else. I went home, trying not to fall asleep at the wheel. Made it home successfully, took a bath (which is unusual - I've taken only showers for years; very rarely baths), and here I sit, clicking away.

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