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Well. Then.
This is lovely.
The other computer (my computer) appears to be stuck in some sort of endless setup loop with XP. Selecting the options labeled "revert to last working settings" and "restart without installing Windows" both lead me back to the restarting of the XP setup. There is no option that will allow me out of this. At least it decided to give me a lovely little error message now before it restarts and reinstalls. But the loop continues. I am beginning to lose hope for this machine, I really am. At least I have my files backed up. The only truly irreplaceable item I will lose if the hard drive once more requires some sort of all-encompassing wipe is the picture I sent to minnaloushe, since I sent her the original and had not yet backed up the image file. Which is a shame, really - it was the first thing I'd drawn in a while and it was halfway decent. Colored by hand since I was mailing the thing to her and by that point the computer had decided not to like Photoshop, either (it would refuse to open anything, or just randomly shut down, etc.). I will also lose many large text files that were going to be very important very soon. I have older versions of them, but only about half of what I'd just finished. This annoys me to no end. Also annoying is losing the music it took months to download. Our connection hates us. Downloading songs can take a while, sometimes. And so it took us a long time to rip/download the mp3 collection Nicole and I had amassed in the months since we regained the computer. Those will all be lost. I must remember to keep a database of the songs/artists we've got so I can just requeue them in AudioGalaxy whenever the computer craps out.

I need to learn more about computers. Specifically, how any particular brand compares to any other. I am quite tempted to just put together a machine myself (or die trying, goddamn it.) - which I might actually be able to do. Though I do have a marvelous talent for fucking up things like that, rendering them horribly beyond repair.
Really, the only programs I run on a regular basis (daily) are Photoshop, Notepad, a LJ client of some sort, Explorer, AIM, AudioGalaxy (spyware be DAMNED, it's the only program that allows me to eventually obtain songs in spite of my connection) and Winamp. If I could somehow get me a machine that could miraculously run all or even half those programs at once; I'd be extremely happy. I occasionally use Word, Excel, or Ulead GIF Animator, but rarely more often than once a week, if that. Due in part to my connection and in part to the fact that they really don't interest me that much, I don't play any games or download movies.
Oh yeah, and since I'm making a concentrated effort to start drawing again, a scanner or tablet (I would settle for either. At this point, preferably the scanner. Coloring with a mouse isn't that hard) that works with XP would be very nice right now. Damn you, Microsoft.

Remaking Greg's site. Mere words cannot describe how it irks me to have to remake everything, since I put it together just before the computer started it's I'm-going-to-die-every-ten-minutes routine that made me decide the upgrade to XP was urgently necessary. Installed Photoshop and Ulead on this comp. The other computer... *sigh* Unless anyone comments on this saying they know what's wrong and can fix it or know someone who can, I'll have to wait 'til my family gets back so I can first see if my dad has any idea what's going on, and if not I will either take it in and let them wipe the whole friggin' thing again, or go after the blasted thing with a sledgehammer. The sledgehammer sounds more satisfying, but taking it in makes more sense. Damn my logical side.

Obtained Darren Hayes' new album, Spin. I like it. I love his voice so much. Yes, he sounds like Michael Jackson/a woman/girly-man extraordinairre sometimes. So? I love his voice. And I currently have 'Crush (1980 Me)' stuck in my head. Hurrah for the 80's. I am so pathetic.... I wasn't even aware of my surroundings during the 80's! (Jenni was -and my mom admits to causing this - a brainwashed church-girl until she was about 11 or so)

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