The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
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I am cold. Quite cold.
Where's Greg when you need 'im? AUGH! (it's so convinient having your own personal human heater. Except that he's... uh... never around, really... well poo, I guess it's not convinient then, is it?)
So here I sit, shivering.

I have this urge to leave the house. Hrm. Oddly enough, I have approximately the same amount of an urge to curl up in my bed under some warm blankets until I can feel my hands and feet again. These two urges balance themselves out and result in my ass remaining here, in this chair.

Awwww, happymrlocust is adorable. *pet* *pet* *cough*[molest]*cough* *looks perfectly innocent*

The kitty wants attention. *plays with the kitty*
... aaand he once more thinks my nose is edible. I'm delicious, I tell you. Delicious. Tens of thousand of mosquitoes, seven or eight dogs, a frog, numerous lizards, three cats, a hamster, a couple fish, and several people can't all be wrong.

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