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taking a momentary break from Photoshopping to bring you... Uh... this.

My mother hears "Mom, I need to stay at home and work on a website that someone is actually going to pay me to do. So I won't be at church today. Mkay?"
"Mom, I need a list of 40-odd items to acquire that will require trips to at least two different stores so that I get home about an hour after you do."

fahrchan is my new goddess for this piece of magnificence. You go now. Worship, yees?

"You Make Kitty Scared" is my desktop. It has now amused/scared my entire family. My brother, like me, commences giggling insanely upon seeing it.

Mkay. I have 2 actual websites to finish and 3 templates to make. Order of Action:
1. Finish the template I'm currently working on (had to take a break; I'm using a mouse and it makes my hand cramp after a few hours straight of... er.. mousing...).
2. Finish the Sub-Sane schtuff. This will not take long; it's almost entirely done already
3. Put the other two templates on the comp (they're already sketched out, and both are slightly less complicated for me than this first one)
4. Complete Tish's site (Tish-hon, this is last since I'm still hoping for some more images if possible, and even if I can't get any it's still necessary to do some extensive image editing on a few of the ones I've got - change the backgrounds and whatnot)
Item 1 should be done in an hour or less. Item 2 should be done by approximately 5:30. Item 3 I will probably be working on tonight, and 4 will be done on Tuesday, dagnabbit, or there will be beatings. (... do not ask who is beating whom; I have no idea)
Of course, that is just what I'm hoping to pull off. Now let's see if I can do it. (pfffft. Yeah, right.)

... I just mistyped my username as "Jenni the Off". Twice. Is the universe trying to tell me something? [Yeah. that I'm a lousy typist]

Now back to work.

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