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I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, diddly-dee-dee...

10 things you're looking forward to: (in no specific order of importance)
01. Moving out. I want to be on my own. There will be no forced socialization. If I go out for social reasons, it will be because I want to. I can be as weird as I damn well please (and I can be every bit as strange as Nicole. I've been the straight man for years, but when left to my own devices I might well snap). Yes, she wears crazy braided hair, a Hawaiian-print dress, shades, and a pimp hat while driving. I carry a scythe. People don't cut Death off in traffic...
02. Having a job. Hopefully one I can go to 9 -5 (with overtime. Money is good) where I will not have to think or do anything other than be a good little automaton.
03. Someday not having MSN as my ISP. I am unable to talk to people because my connection is so slow the service DOES NOT REALIZE I'M THERE. This is very annoying when arranging jobs or trying to meet someone at a specified time. This habit it has of disconnecting me or signing me off at random is irritating as well. Damn these metal walls.
04. Losing weight. I have always been the 'fat girl'. Mere words cannot describe how sick and tired I am of that.
05. Someday sleeping and waking up feeling rested. Someday. Oh yes, it will happen.
06. Getting over Michael. I will be able to not become a worthless sniffling puddle of Girl when I think about him. One glorious day... Or something.
07. After the previous event, the subsequent falling-in-love with some other guy who doesn't want me. I've determined that this is my purpose in life. Hurrah. I shall print business cards.
08. Someday, drawing something. It's really annoying not having any hobbies anymore.
09. Seeing Greg in a dress. I'm still holding out that someday, somehow, this will happen. And that I will somehow be there to take pictures.
10. Dying. No, really. I'm curious. I want to know what happens when you die.

9 things you wear daily:
01. Underwear
02. bra
03. watch
04. glasses
05. deoderant
06. Just ran out of things I always wear.

8 movies you'd watch over and over:
01. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
02. Ghost World
03. Fight Club
04. Dogma
05. What Dreams May Come
06. the Crow
07. Much Ado About Nothing
08. Any of the original Star Wars trilogy

7 bands you've seen more than once:
I have never seen any band more than once. Thank goodness.

6 objects you touch every day:
01. Computer (keyboard, mouse, etc.)
02. water bottle
03. glasses
04. my hair
05. assorted doornknobs and whatnot
06. toothbrush

5 things you do every day:
01. mess with the computer (even if I can't get online, I'll play for a few minutes)
02. be a LJ whore.
03. hear the radio (not always...)
04. drive (not always)
05. breathe

4 foods that you couldn't live without:
01. water. It counts. Both in the sense that technically, I can't live without it, and in the sense that I love my water bottles. Muchly.
02. Salsa. Mmm, salsa.
03. Celery. I really like celery. My mom thinks this is weird.
04. Sushi. Yum.

3 of your favorite songs at this moment:
01. Vanessa Carlton - 1000 Miles
02. That remake of "Heaven" by DJ Sammy and Yanou
03. Nirvana - Lithium

2 people that have influenced your life the most:
01. My mom
02. uhh... no idea.

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:
01. I cannot think of a single person who would be able to stand me for the rest of my life. Unless it was short because they finally broke down and killed me...

Oh yes. And you win, MSN. I give up on chatting.
*goes about her merry way*

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