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I can't remember the last time I used this many exclamation marks(!!!!!!!!111)

Well, this is proving to be mighty annoying. MSN is going so slowly I can't load any of LiveJournal's pages. Grr.
It loaded! Miraculous. I only had to hit refresh three times...

Tish might be getting a new computer. Wheee! Our loveable friend John (jester4389 - and I am VERY proud of myself for remembering the number combination right) might be able to put one together for her. Score one for the Tish. Her computer makes strong men cry.

Since Tish and I hate women so much, she made a community. antiwoman Enjoy!

[17:14] jester4389: I'm slowly falling in love with Linux
[17:15] jenni_the_odd: *cues the sappy romance music; the camera pulls back to a dream sequence of John running towards a penguin in a field full of flowers*

Getting used to Trillian. Nifty thing, once I figured out how to kill the sound. I always kill off the sound immediately on any instant-message software (the easier to ignore you with, my dear.) Also means I'm back on ICQ after over a year of absence from that prog... I have no idea who was on my list before. I used to be a total ICQ junkie. This was riiiight before I stopped being annoyingly chipper. You think I was bad a year ago, when I first got this journal? OHH, NO. I was scary two or three years ago when I had ICQ. Loved talking to people (at the time, communication was a novelty to me. Most people, even friends, rarely spoke to me). Used and abused the damned emoticons.
And now I have (d)evolved into the marvelous lump of Jenni you see before you. How things have changed.

I have done no work (of course, they haven't given me anything to do, but I still feel worthless) and I'd like to try to work on ML or PurplePeople or Lotoae or Second Arrival or SOMETHING. Anything. And I need to get work done on Tish's site.
My plan is to lock myself in a room with a radio and lots of diet soda for a few hours tonight and see if I can get anything done.
I'd LOVE to do that solitary confinement idea, where you lock yourself away for 24 hours to draw, but my family would not permit it.

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