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Back from San Antonio. Did not see the actual city; I spent my time wandering around UTSA. It's a small campus; pretty, but it didn't take long to become decently familiar enough with the directions. Apparently I looked like I knew what I was doing and where the hell I was going, because a few people actually asked me for directions. This happens a lot (see: elementary, middle, and high school. People also think I work at whatever store I'm in and ask for help. What is it about me?)

The college looks a lot like every single other college I've ever seen. For some reason, it seems all colleges look a hell of a lot alike to me. Hrm.

Went to orientation, discreetly ignored and was ignored by the general populace, was extremely disappointed in myself when I realized I was so bored out of my skull while holding a pencil on the page of my sketchbook that there might as well have been nothing to do.

I have to go back over 500 friends entries to catch up on missing two days. Methinks there are way too many folks on my friends list. *continues to add interesting people anyway*

My mother and brother can never seem to get along. If he wasn't so damned entertaining, I don't doubt that she'd have killed him long ago. He has the same issues as Nicole and I - major insecurity. We just exhibit it differently. I externalize it through self-destructive behavior, Nicole through bluffing and layers and attempting to correct behavior she sees as less than desirable, and Gabriel through acting out and only associating with people weaker than he is. He's also very immature, and so he doesn't know when to quit. He really honestly cannot figure out when something stops being funny and starts being death-worthy. So there was that.

Got a bunch of stuff straightened out (for one, got me someplace to live, since they still hadn't sent us the lease), got registered for classes (apparently, they are not allowing me to place out with my AP scores. Or maybe they are. because my schedule is not agreeing with what I was told. Commence e-mailing...)

Overall, I learned that being solitary will most definitely be beneficial to my mental health. Hurrah. Knew that already. Also learned that travelling with my family is MADDENING. My mother's brain is wired too differently from mine. And my siblings are six years old. (okay, Gabe's 13. But he ACTS like it)

... you'd think I'd have more to say. I don't, really.

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