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Now for your daily dose of Randomness.

I am such a dork.
My LJ friends list is divided into five sections, excluding communities:
Online comic artists - Some found through Keenspace, others by complete and total accident. But I have this habit of 'stalking' (if by stalking you mean 'adding to my friends list'. And I do) those who draw my favorite online comics.
Artists/ Writers - Not necessarily comic authors, these are usually people whose work I love and whose sites I browsed through for so long that I uncovered a link to a LJ.
Interesting People Who Added Me - I saw I'd been added for one reason or another, checked out their journal, and decided they were pretty cool people. Intelligent beings are a rarity, and I collect them on LiveJournal. Gotta catch 'em all... *ahem* sorry. *smacks self with gummi shark*
People I Know In Person - Weird thing is, almost all the people in this group actually fall into others. There's almost no need for this to be a seperate grouping at all...
Friends-of-Friends - They were mentioned enough by someone on my friends list that I got curious. Turns out many people on my friends list have good taste in humans, and so I discover the most fascinating beings this way, sometimes.

Tish once more has her head screwed on properly, as opposed to just being screwed. Good for her. All is .... er... I wouldn't go so far as to say 'right', but most definitely 'better' with the world.

Hehe. bunny03 changes the layout of her comic page yet again.

Shirtless cartoon boys make the world go 'round.

Nicole is going to Warped Tour tomorrow. I do not have to go. It's a good thing. This does mean, however, that today we go off in search of hair dye and other similar nonsense (nonsense only to me, because I swore to myself never to dye my hair except in the extremely unlikely circumstance that I became an actress and it was necessary for a role).

This trash can of my sister's rocks all who see it. It's a large metal one, now covered in pictures pulled from magazines from the 60's. We have to go to a used bookstore now to acquire another magazine with which to complete the lid. Hurrah for used bookstores. Cheap, interesting literature.

I hate apostrophes. I can't even spell the damned things. I have never learned proper grammar or sentance structure. Ever. I cannot diagram a sentance to save my life. I have no idea what a predicate is. I can't tell you a single comma rule. Punctuation frightes me. Spelling has always been an instinctual thing determined by whether or not I think a word 'looks right', and as such I am prone to errors. Occasionally, for no reason whatsoever, I will forget how to spell the simplest of words. I will type the number when I cannot remember how to spell 'seven'. And that has happened several times, which is quite annoying. I also often forget my name, address, phone number, birthdate, and other simple things. When I write, 'b', 'd', 'p', and'q' are often mixed, and half the time I almost forget how to write at all (the hazards of typing everything, I suspect). Something that happens often, which Nicole also does, is writing things out of order. Say I were to write the word "dog". I'd write 'og' first, then go back and add the 'd'. Every now and then I will forget how to read. So is it any wonder that my writing is atrocious? Meh. I write as I speak (or, probably, closer to how I think. I don't speak anywhere close to as clearly. I mumble, babble, and make little sense when I speak aloud), and that has served me decently well so far.
I need to work on a comic. I will post something later comparing all my comics, and you, the Reader, can choose which one I should toss myself into headfirst with a frightening dedication. Whee.

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