The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

... I can't decide if this is really really disturbing, or something that would make a GREAT activity for the next party/orgy....

"Must keep smiling and waving, or else I'll fucking scream"... Ow. Just, ow.

People are stupid. I think this because people seem to think I am smart and/or talented for things that I consider, most of the time, to be a result of basic common sense.
Like in web design.

You design a page so that the maximum number of people can view it with the minimum number of problems. How hard is that? Not everyone has their resolution set at three billion by two-point-five billion pixels, or whatever similarly ridiculous resolution some people have it at. Therefore, don't make your title graphic a thousand pixels wide. It will make people hate you. Similarly, don't assume that everyone is on a 600x800 res and/or does not maximize their windows. Your design looks like CRAP when I click that little square in the top right corner of the screen that makes it larger, because your pretty background then tiles the hell out of itself and everything looks very, very wrong.
If you have elaborate, delicate inkwork in your art that you want to share with the world, making the main part of your page an image that's 3 MB will cause the dial-up people (like myself) or those with slow processors to want your head on a pike. My computer has, in the past, taken almost half an hour to load a page due to my slow connection. Half the time, the bigger images don't load at all. Save it at a low resolution. Better yet, make thumbnails, or at the very least a low-res version of the image linked to the biggie. If people are interested, they will click. If the image is your background, why in hell does it need to be so detailed, anyway? The background of a site is not supposed to be the main focus of the page, and if it is, then you really don't need a website, sorry.
Websites that make sound make Jenni want blood. If I click on a link and save your MIDI file because it's something you wrote and I am interested in your creative endeavors, fine and lovely. Our computer used to DIE when we stumbled upon a page that played music in the background. DIE. It would freeze, and then we'd have to restart. I hated those pages. As is, it makes the page load more slowly because - again with the slow connection - sound files tend to be large. MIDI files are bad enough (and usually sound like crap, I've noticed...), but when I see people try to put WAVs and MP3s in their pages, I want to scream. Those files are friggin' HUGE and have no business being embedded in a webpage. You think a song is cool? Great, write a review of the band or the song and I'll download it myself. This gives you actual content for your page, hones your skill as a writer, and prevents me from having to hunt you down and murder you. YAY!
And then, Geoshitties. *cough* Just because PageBuilder exists does not mean you have to use each and every little function it offers. In fact, I'd much appreciate it if you didn't. You are someone who is apparently intelligent enough to need a webpage to share your creations or thoughts with the world. Therefore, odds are you are intelligent enough to use any search engine, type in the words: "HTML Tutorials", and learn the basics of making a webpage yourself. Or, you have the sense to find someone who once did that and is now able to make webpages. If not... how have you not managed to blow yourself and your machine up yet?
Please learn how to use Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, etc. before making webpages with them. Some of the most hideous examples of shameful web design originated from my own classmates in Webmastering using these programs for the first time.
Check your work. Open the HTML file in IE, Netscape, or whatever you use, and go through it. Test the links. Make sure the dimensions are correct (i.e. tables aren't splayed wider than you wanted them, etc.), the colors are what you thought they were, and that you remembered to close all your tags. Once it's online, go through it again. Are all the images where they should be? All the pages uploaded?

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