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I'm back! Oh joyousness! I am back! WITH A CABLE MODEM!
Only those who have suffered through dial-up can truly understand what a blessing cable is. *purr*
Dear god, I have 900+ friends entries to wade through. Eep.
vebelfetzer is so horribly cute it makes my head hurt.
I still want to bite ghostfire and suck some talent out of her. (I am a talent vampire. Didn't you know?)
I have a cheese-and-salsa sandwich. It is a piece of cheese and some salsa on a piece of bread. Lunch!
I would be whining for feyr to get online, but he needs his sleep.

Saturday, July 27
11:47 pm

Well. For starters, let it be known that not sleeping the day before moving is a BAD IDEA. Zoned out/drifted off multiple times on the drive up here, still somewhat surprised that I lived at all.
The apartment is a lot bigger than I thought it'd be. My family and I wrestled with the Futon of Doom, and my mom was amazed that yes, I do have some design sense. Everying in this apartment is either foresty green, pale minty green, beige, white, black, or silver. Literally pretty damn near everything. My shower curtain is the prettiest thing in the world. I want to wear it as a dress.
And now I am shaking too hard (combination of cold and no sleep), and should get some rest. I'm exhausted...
Sunday, July 28
12:42 pm

Woke, put away half my clothes (the other half can just wait 'til later, damnit) and showered. I get phone and internet hooked up on Wednesday, and until then I write in this notepad file and try to find ways of amusing myself. Amusing self will become much simpler once family goes back to Houston; I can just wander around town and find interesting places. Already located a very cute little sushi bar about 10 minutes from here. Mmm, sushi.

7:13 pm
Attended lunch, then the last of the shopping (hopefully). I am set. I really hate having my parents pay for almost everything, though. I mean yeah, the fact that I don't have to spend a dime for some of this stuff is great so far as my finances go. But I feel so worthless as I pick out something and then have to stand aside and let them buy it. This goes back to my hatred of receiving gifts. My mother is becoming more and more certain that I'm just a female version of my father, since I always go for the cheapest items possible in a selection. Sometimes due to quality issues, the second-cheapest, but you get the idea.
I am just about settled. I've got the food I have put away, and all I need to do is assemble the computer desk (right now the computer is on my counter), finish putting away my clothes, install my software, and get rid of these boxes. Since I'm already here, first the software.

9:36 pm
Software installed. My family probably won't be back here 'til tomorrow morning... I am tempted to go drive around. I'll probably get lost... oh well. Geez, I had no idea it was this late. Three more days 'til an Internet connection. I am going to go stark raving mad. I am such a hopeless addict; it really is sad. Doesn't help that the lighting in her is quite poor, so even if I felt like drawing it would give me a headache. And I didn't bring books, or anything much to amuse myself with. Eek. At least I have my computer. Yes, who's a good computer... *scratches it behind the speakers*. I think I'll go get lost now. I need to learn the layout of the area.

12:06 am
Drove around, nearly got lost, basically went in a circle. Need to locate a nearby gas station; my tank's creeping towards empty.
I walked past a veritable wall of pudding today at Wal-Mart and nearly died from trying not to laugh.
I ought to go to bed.
Monday, July 29
10:59 am

I liiive.
I gained weight back in the weirdest places. It's not where it was before. This annoys me because my clothes do not fit properly. But that will go away shortly. And until I am back to where I was before... hellooooo, jacket. (I snuck it out of the house. My mother was so certain she'd manage to throw it away. HAH!)
Now to shower, dress, and clean up around here. The desk defeated me (it, like the futon, was supposed to have assembly instructions and did not). More accurately, the sliding-out drawer defeated me. Perhaps it was because I was tired last night when I attempted to assemble it. I shall try after I dress.

12:29 pm
Well, my family said they'd be here half an hour ago, and true to their traditional lateness, they are not. Which is fine by me, I got necessary papers turned in to the office, a few boxes thrown away and the rest of my clothing put up.

1:29 pm
Got family out the door after we wrestled with the desk and I felt insanely stupid for being unable to assemble it myself. I actually had it right; my brain just couldn't put the parts together. But it is finished and sitting in the corner, and the computer is on it. All is well and good with the world.
Mom: And now you leave me childless! *sob*
Me: ... You've got three more!
Mom: Oh... I do?
My mother is silly. Now most of the boxes are out of here, so it looks less like a U-Haul warehouse and more like an apartment. I am wishing I'd brought some posters or something; the walls look bare. Perhaps I should invest in some sticky-tack and hang up artwork that doesn't make me want to throttle myself. We shall see.
San Antonio is so much drier than Houston is. My skin is all itchy (helloooo, lotion) and my lips get chapped. That and I'm thirsty all the time. Easily remedied, the lot of it. That, and it's really nice to go outside and not immediately feel as though you want a shower. I thoroughly enjoy this weather. It's hot as hell but feels cooler due to the lack of humidity. Yay.
Now, off to fill up my gas tank and go explorin'. Yee-haw. *smacks self* Sorry.

3:42 pm
Explored. Also stopped by HEB and picked up salt and pepper, among other things. (mmm, sushi. And mmm, pudding... Saving the pudding for later, though) So for the most part, I am set. I need a lamp, but it's not an immediate need, and so that can wait a bit until I can locate a lamp store. For the moment, the only thing I think I might go mad without is the Internet, and there's no speeding that up. Two days... Two days 'til Internet... *salivates*
Yeah, I know, I should be shot.
Dulce de Leche M&Ms should not be. Not because they are disgusting, but rather because they are delicious. They tempt me. I will resist. Take THAT, M&Ms!

9:28 pm
There's fireworks outside; Fiesta Texas is right across the highway. Whee. I can't see them since there's an apartment building in the way, but I can hear them.
Drove around some more, on different streets. I need to find out where the riverwalk and whatnot is; I've seen only a tiny portion of the city and I'd like to see the rest of it as well. I miss Houston's flat roads, though - I can't always see if there are any cars approaching due to the hills (my mom couldn't get over them either; every time she was behind the wheel she mentioned the hills). I need to find the testing center and see if there's any way for me to test out of algebra. Probably not, due to the CAP curriculum, but I can try. It looks like they're not letting me use my AP credit to get out of English, either, which doth suck monkey balls.
Tuesday, July 30
3:11 pm

About 24 hours 'til Internet. And the Sims consumes my soul. Help meee...

6:28 pm
Found a mall with a Spencers; replaced the handcuffs that will apparently never be found. So now I have handcuffs again. All I need is forsomeone to drive down here and be tortured. The mall also had, in a row from right to left: Claire's, Hot Topic, and Fredericks of Hollywood. Anyone else think that's incredibly, terribly funny? I do. Also, I love Fredericks of Hollywood. Lovely lingerie, the prices aren't too bad, the selection is good (They had corsets! Really good-looking corsets!), and the sizes go up to 3X. So it now has the Jenni Seal of Approval.
I found salsa that is absolutely delicious. Mmmmmm, salsa.

10:27 pm
I have no idea how it got so late. The Sims devoured my soul, I tell you. Now I've got a bachelor. He's such a pimp. Two girls have so far joined him in the hot tub. Bow-chikka-wow-wow.
... Shoot me...
Wednesday, July 31
10:48 am

I get the Internet today! And I have no pants on!

12:27 pm

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