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I have sitting before me a bottle of Pepsi Blue. Described on the bottle as "Berry Cola Fusion". I fear it. But I'm a sucker for strangely colored soft drinks. (I drink Surge when I can, not just because it practically makes me glow in the dark, but because it is a shade of green not found in nature)

There is a cut on my arm and I don't know how it got there (there are numerous pointy things I could have hit; I'm gangly and horribly uncoordinated sometimes), but every time I scratch my arms (and I do so often. It would annoy Nicole to no end because, due to dry skin, it makes a very audible noise) it bleeds. At this rate it will never heal.

Happy Birthday to lepetitemort! Sadly, I have no boob cake for you. If I did, and I had the faintest clue where you lived, I would send boob cake. But I don't and I don't so I can't.

I get to see jenndolari tomorrow. Yay. I haven't the faintest clue what to do with her, my social skills are nonexistant (another reason I felt sorry for inflicting myself upon Adam; he wanted company and I've found that the average frog makes better company than I do). Giving a Grand Tour of the apartment takes all of thirty seconds.

I am also anxious because I get to see feyr on Sunday. And that makes me so nervous that I'm half-worried I'll drive poor Jenn insane or at the very least be very, very lousy company. Why am I so anxious? Let me put it this way:
I want to hug him.
It has been a long, long time since I wanted to hug someone so badly. To hold them, to just be near them. The desire to hug and touch Michael waned sharply because there are few things that work better as a turnoff than knowing the other person would prefer you not touch them.
I'm scared to death.
I also want to feed him. He's a scrawny little thing. And I am my mother's daughter and so my first instinct is to stuff him full of food. Thanks, mom.
Okay, and yes, as I believe I've mentioned before, he is an adorable geek. I mean, come on. lookit him! What's not to love... (It's the plaid pants, I tell you. So sexy)
See that? That's Jenni turning into an idiot over a guy. You'd think I would have learned my lesson by now. But noooo.
At least this time it's mutual.... meep.

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