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Yes, we are seven years old.
From about 3 AM to 8 AM, Kevin and I were giggling almost nonstop. Things get really funny when it's really late at night. *snicker* The Crack Brownies probably helped that a bit.
My boyfriend is geekier than your boyfriend! *snicker*
*sigh* But in less than 24 hours I have to give him back. He does not share my apparent insomnia, so every fifteen minutes or so I go back to bed and give him a little backrub. (I dare not give him a footrub or scalp massage; those have put people to sleep. He is already asleep. I'd prefer not to have him wind up in a coma)

I was in... it looked like a cross between some sort of dormitory and a huge hotel. I was walking through the doors to the outside, I remember that I was wearing jeans. There was snow on the ground. Michael followed me, in his usual shorts and t-shirt. He called out my name, I looked over my shoulder, said 'Hi' and kept right on going. He called me again, telling me to wait up. I did so, and once he had reached me he set off at a pace faster than my own, causing me to half-run to keep up.
Michael: So... I've been hearing a lot about this Kevin guy...
Me: Yeah.
Michael: I was thinking maybe I ought to meet him, y'know... I mean, just two weeks of knowing him..
Me: Oh, just admit it. You want to meet the guy that made me forget about you.
Michael didn't reply. Instead, we came upon Andrew, this boy from my church many years back, and he was carrying a large sleeping bag and a stuffed Grover (y'know - from Sesame Street). Andrew was not his more recent self, but the way he looked when he was about 11 - VERY short, skinny, adorable. We accidentally bumped into him and knocked him over. He was buried under the sleeping bag and Grover was sprawled on top of him. We all laughed and he got up and Michael and I continued on our way. We circled back around, went up an elevator, and into what appeared to be a hotel room, but led to my apartment. Kevin was asleep on the futon. I poked him, but he didn't wake up, he just rolled over onto his back. Michael gave me a weird look.
Me: What?
Michael: What happened to his stomach?
Me: I told you I bite. Not my fault if you didn't believe me.
Michael: ...

Then I woke up. Odd.

emperor_boy: I go! I consume apple jacks!
emperor_boy: ::consuming!::
jenni_the_odd: Mmmm, apple jacks
jenni_the_odd: Tish eats what she likes!
*smacks self*
emperor_boy: ::gnaws upon your tasty, commercial capitalistic flesh::
jenni_the_odd: AAIEEEE!!!

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