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I do not understand people whose friendships seem to be a long string of instances where they are pissed off at one another for whatever reason. I have even less comprehension of what goes into the minds of people in romantic relationships like that.
Maybe I'm only hearing one side of things. Not everyone can be crotalus_atrox and avaaricious, who have no qualms about stating how happy they are with their bond. Yay them. But most people don't randomly come up to you and begin to babble about how wonderful their relationship is going, and how so-and-so said the sweetest thing to them last night, or how whats-is-name is really such a cool guy, y'know? They only announce the goings-on to others when something goes wrong. So what I hear is not "yeah, they rock. I want to hang out with them some more". I hear instead "They piss me off SO MUCH!"
So... why are you friends with them?

Maybe it's because I can be extremely mellow (to the point of what is probably an unhealthy amount of apathy). Maybe it's that I don't have many people close enough to me to really cause an impact. Maybe it's because I have this annoying habit of telling people what I think. But I don't see what's healthy about a relationship of any kind where one or both parties is thinking, almost daily: "Look, dude, I want you to shut up and die". Sure, feeling that way every so often is fine and dandy. It's highly unlikely you're human if you don't. But never doing something about it (and no, I don't mean duct-taping their mouths shut and shooting them) is a major problem. If you think something is wrong with their behavior, tell them. Most people aren't psychic. How the hell are they supposed to know that something they might not even realize they do really annoys you? I tell Emma I do not appreciate it when she cries to get attention. I tell Tish I think she ought to grow a spine. I tell (or told, rather) Emily to stop blaming everyone in the world but herself for her problems. Hell, you should see the things I say to myself ('tis not a pretty thing). If I were to die tomorrow, I would not go thinking Dammit, I didn't tell so-and-so that I've always really loved/hated them/their S.O./their puppy/whatever. I'm fine with that.

Then again, maybe it's the people around me. The vast majority of people I interact with either have at least one diagnosed mental disorder, behave as though they do, are on medication for said mental disorder, or just naturally act as though they're on drugs. I act like this sometimes, too (see: past year). This results in a lot of intelligent, creative, unstable, high-strung people, almost all of whom interact with each other and regularly cause one another to blow up. If we were to harness that power, we could destroy the planet. Or have an award-winning sitcom, whichever. But yes, someone is always a little tense. Usually more than one someones.

And this is just the Pervert Crew group (which has since expanded to involve Zach and Kelsey... it's basically anyone not in band who I associate with face-to-face, really). The Band group has a whole other set of drama, most of it the typical Teen Angst, but since Nicole and I are in on it, you know it's special Bravo-Style Teen Angst. Which makes it... er... Not too much different, just more verbose, really. And more sarcastic. Emily goes in this group, so there is some degree of drama. There is, however, a lot less tension because not everyone is... how shall I put this... a freak*? There are normal, sane people in the Band (despite evidence to the contrary), who do NOT always behave as though they've smoked something they oughtn't, or should be put in a straightjacket lest they harm themselves or others.

The freaks are a helluva lot more entertaning, though.

* Keep in mind that I tend to use the word 'freak' with a positive connotation. I likee the freaks. Their minds tend to be wired REALLY differently from those of your average homo sapien. That's how I define 'freak'. Unique Brain Circuitry. Okay, there's no way I can word this without sounding like an elitist TeenyGoth who hates all the "Normals" and the "Preps". I don't. I have no issues with them (I have issues with a few individuals who happen to fall within those stereotypes, but we will ignore that for now). In fact, based on my discussions with them, I've found the TeenyGoths tend to have the least interesting minds of any folk I've ever met. Which is a sad, sad thing. I will stop now before this turns out longer than the rant above. Yeek.

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