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I am slightly sore from my battle with the Bookcase De La Muerte (Damn you, Gabriel! *shakes fist at the sky*). The thing in its box weighed 80.5 lbs (says my scale), and was six feet tall and about a foot wide, four or five inches thick. LOADS of fun to get into my car, lemme tell ya. *cough* yeah. I'm just thankful whoever-it-was in front of my apartment decided to move, because it prevented me from having to lug it a good 30 yards across a crowded parking lot area to my door. I shouted blessings and adoration at them, but their windows were rolled up and so all that resulted was weird looks from other people.
I did get bookcase assembled with only one small flub in the putting-together that cannot be fixed without undoing the whole thing. Since it does not compromise the structural integrity of the bookcase, it can just stay there and I will cover the peg with that picture of Nicole the Pirate that gave Kevin nightmares. *snicker* Nicole, remind me to scan that in so you can use it as an icon or something. Yarrrr.
So my back is a bit sore, but hopefully that will go away soon.

One guy moved into the apartments across the parking area from me who caught my eye. He rocks my *checks* shorts (no pants today). He was about 6 foot or so average build, wearing this just-below-knee-length black pleated bondage-type lookin' skirt and boots with buckles. It was a lovely sight. I want his skirt. Oh yes, do I want his skirt. 'twas a cool thing, and I don't think many guys would have looked as good in it. I like that man's choices in fashion.

Sadly, Kevin cannot wear a man-skirt because he has no hips. (well, technically, this is not true. He's very skinny, so his hipbones stick out a little. But not enough to properly hold up a towel without him actually holding on to it as well, which amuses me to no end) So no man-skirts on Kevin.

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