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Cable is out. *cry, whimper, sob*
Though... odd... The box isn't even showing that it's receiving power...
No, the outlet just decided it didn't want anything else plugged into it. Damned outlet. Behave!
Organzing my apartment obsessive-compulsively between classes. Fun.

Algebra makes me want to kill things.
Not because the professor's accent (Indian, I believe) is so strong that it is extremely difficult to understand most of what he says, nor because there are more people than available seats, but rather because I could do this stuff in 7th grade. This makes Algebra very boring. And I wish that they'd told us about the testing out of it before the deadline. It would have been nice. As is, I am seriously
Emily appears to be settled in at the University of Arkansas (she wanted to get as far away from high school as she could, apparently). Goody for her. She also shares my algebraic pain.

To-do today/tomorrow:
  • Laundry. Need pants for journey to Houston. Yes. Towels also need a wash.
  • Give apartment a good, thorough scrubbing. I will seek out these stupid ants and DESTROY THEM! BUAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA*cough* yes. well, I mopped and vaccuumed. Good enough!
  • Organize each and every item in this apartment, like the freak I am. Then ignore it for three weeks, wait 'til it's a mess again, repeat.
  • Figure out when school rec center is available for exercise. If it's times are not at all forgiving of my schedule, locate some sort of gym in town that's open 24 hours (I will gladly exercise at 2 AM if it means no one will be there with me. I have this thing about HATING people seeing me), and figure out if I can afford membership.
  • Finish English essay (already begun, halfway finished)
  • Do Algebra problems
  • obtain cell-type phonage. *hiss*

    Is it weird when your typical greeting, both online and off, involves gnawing upon a person's succulent flesh?
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