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name? Jenni Bravo
birthday? I don't bother with those.
piercing(s)? One in each ear, which leaves me with quite enough holes in my head.
tattoo(s)? None, and I do not plan on getting any.
height? Somewhere between 5'9" (what it says on my driver's license) and 5'11" (what I was when last measured at home)
shoe size? 12-13 in mens and womens, depending on the style.
hair color? Looks dark brown, but it turns coppery in some light.
length? Past my arse when straight (i.e. wet), almost there when dry and curly.
siblings? Three, one younger brother and two younger sisters.
pets? I wish I could have some at my apartment. My family has a cat and a hamster.

movie you rented? I have no idea. Probably Ghost World; Nicole handles those sort of thing.
movie you bought? Um. Hedwig and the Angry Inch, though that was a present for Nicole
song you listened to? Dropline - Graduation Day
cd you bought? Vanessa Carlton's Be Not Nobody
cd you listened to? Utada Hikaru's First Love
person you've called? My mother, to reassure her that no, I am not dead.
person that's called you? My mother, wondering if I was dead.
TV show you watched? Um.. damn. I have no earthly idea. Was a while ago (no TV).
person you were thinking of? Kevin, and Michael and Tish, because I currently have chat windows with them open.

you have a crush on someone? Hi, Kevin.
you wish you could live somewhere else? It'd be nice to live with Kevin (Look, I found a human I can cohabitate with! This is a first...). Other than that, I'm not too picky.
you think about suicide? Often. What? Quit looking at me like that. I think about it, not think about actually doing it. Yeesh.
you believe in online dating? ... *cough*
others find you attractive? Kevin seems to, though I think he needs to get a new glasses perscription.
you want more piercings? Nah.
you want more tattoos? No.
you drink? Blech, no. Just not my thing.
you do drugs? See above.
smoke? Only if set on fire. And then once I am done smoking, I KEEL you.
you like cleaning? When I'm awake and fidgety, I'll clean near-obsessively. Otherwise, I alternate between streaks of being a neat-freak and a slob.
you like roller coasters? No, for I am a wimp.
you write in cursive or print? Print. I have long since forgotten cursive, and half the time I can't remember how to print either. The curse of computers.
you carry a donor card? No. I ought to.

for or against
long distance relationships? ... *cough*
suicide? *shrug* depends entirely on my mood when you ask me and who's suicide we're talking about.
killing people? Out of general principle, against in most situations. However... I will make exceptions.
teenage smoking? It generally lowers my opinion of the person in question, since (a) I dislike the smell of smoke, and (b) why?
doing drugs? Not my thing.
premarital sex? Depends on my mood. *evil grin*
driving drunk? Very much against.
gay/lesbian relationships? Hell, go for it.
soap operas? I am generally unaffected by them.

food? I dunno. This varies.
songs? I don't really have any favorites at the moment. I don't listen to music that much anymore.
thing to do? Hmm. Sleep seems to be #1 on that list lately. If Kevin's next to me, it's better.
thing to talk about? .... talk?
sports? ferret-legging. *cough* Not really. Don't have a favorite.
drinks? Water is good.
clothes? I love my fishnet and tights and lace and assorted other random stuff, but I don't like wearing it when my weight goes above a certain number. It still fits, I just don't want to. I'm weird like that.
movies? Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the Crow, What Dreams May Come... there's more, I've just forgotten them.
band? I dunno.
holiday? Other people's birthdays.
cars? I enjoy my Tahoe of Doom.

have you...
ever cried over a girl? Yes. Two, I think. Both friends who weren't enjoying life much.
ever cried over a boy? Yes. Three or four. Only two in the romantic sense.
ever lied to someone? Yes.
ever been in a fist fight? No. I've been waiting for years for someone to piss me off enough that I will physically assault them. God help whoever does, for I will probably kill them.
ever been arrested? Nope.

shampoo do you use? Suave something-or-other. Aloe Vera. The ants like it.
perfume do you use? I don't wear perfume.
shoes do you wear? My sandals from Wal-Mart.
are you scared of? Too many things to list.

of times I have been in love? Twice.
of times I have had my heart broken? Numerous times. You don't have to be in love for someone to break your heart.
of hearts I have broken? I have no idea.
of boys I have kissed? Non familial-type kisses? Hmm. 4 (all on the cheek, 2 on the neck, 1 on the lips)
of girls I have kissed? Again, non-familial? none.
of men I've slept with? Technically? One. We slept in the same bed. No sex, but we slept together!
of girls I've slept with? None.
of continents I have lived in? 1
of drugs taken illegally? Um. Four or five. (the illegal bit was a tiny technicality)
of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? Three, maybe. Possibly more. Not sure.
of people I consider my enemies? I have only two or three. I will kill them on sight.
of people from high school that I stayed in contact with? Two thus far; Michael and Emily. Oddly enough, the very ones I thought I'd leave behind after high school.
of cd's that I own? I have no idea.
of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? Again, no idea.
of scars on my body? hundreds. I lost count a while back. And some have faded, some are there from being cut twice, etc. etc.
of things in my past that I regret? Really regret? Only one thing. Telling someone I was in love with them when I wasn't. I made damned sure never to do that again.

I ought to be finishing my English paper. It's due in... *checks watch* seven hours.
I finish it and go to bed, yes.

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