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WebCT is ASS.
It will not let me log on.
I was under the impression that, since I had my notes and my book and all that jazz, I could get the quiz due in Biology today after arriving, or tomorrow before class (since I have a 4-hour break there in which to do whatever I please)
WebCT, the thingy-mabopper (I am so technical) that allows the teachers to put the quiz online, is not letting me log on.
I cannot even get to the quiz.
All together, now:
My fault for (a) trusting computers and (b) waiting 'til the last minute. But damnit, I'm actually prepared. I have my notes. I have read the chapters. I have been a good student.
I will try again tomorrow, both on my computer and the school's. And if that does not work, I will hunt down someone quiet before class and simply ask to copy their answers. This is a perfectly legal move, since it's a take-home quiz. I won't learn anything from it, but at least I'll have a grade.
And if that doesn't work, I will stab myself repeatedly for being so stupid. Grrrr.

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