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A guy walks up to a cabbage patch, picks one, holds it above his head and screams "OH GLORIOUS DAY!"

I ought to finish my English paper.
Problem is, I got halfway into a topic, then decided it sucks, and need to find a new one.
So. Ways I have been the victim of prejudice. (I hate how that's phrased, but it's the easiest way to convey the general idea of the paper without going into a long dissertation... and had I just written it all out, it would probably be shorter than this parentheses-enclosed bit....)
I have a choice of "experiencing prejudice because I:"
- am a woman
- am Hispanic (all right, I don't really think of myself as Hispanic. But I look it, and people go based on that)
- am unattractive/overweight
- wear black clothing and/or fishnet on occasion (the question: "Do you, like, eat babies?" comes to mind)
- am (was?) an artist
Not sure what to do. That's about my options, and many of them will be a stretch.

... Paypal is the greatest thing EVER. Save for classes and checking mail, I might never have to leave my apartment again. Woot-ha.

lepetitemort is auctioning off a dress that I want like no other. Kevin discovered this in the description:
"The neckline of the dress is accentuated by a ribbon of white loops with tiny roses, and laces up the back through small grommets (not all are white, but when the dress is laced, your cleavage is popping out of the front, and your hair is down, no one will be looking at the grommets on your back, believe me)."

And thus decided that if I don't buy it, he wants to buy it for me. *snicker* Silly Kevin. What is it with people's fascination with cleavage? Michael stared. Cameron stared. John stared a few times. *snerk* Kevin drools and pounces (poor Liz. She will be forever scarred, though the expression on her face when she turned around to look at us was priceless). Even Tish will stare/point/giggle when I wear low-cut shirts. *ponders* I dun get it. But I shall use my powers for evil. Yes.

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