The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

My Who's Who and Where's Where [Or, Who/What the Fuck Jenni is Talking About]

Individual People

- Alex
[ramaxela] Theatre geek, native to Canada. Fears my trout, as well he should. Has far too many attractive friends. Makes me weak in the knees with his awful, awful puns.

- David
[victory_radio] Former Band Geek. Sexy Bitch. Giggles like Scooby-Doo. Radiohead fan and musical snob. Sings and plays guitar, clarinet, and possibly other instruments that I am not aware of. Scary when on Crack Brownies. Was in a band with takethemoneyrun. Dated Nicole for several years. Attends Colby college in Maine. Came out of the closet in 2005, has since become inexplicably more fabulous.

- David
[neron] Lives in San Antonio. Does something or other at Geek in many ways, and determined to make me into a comic book geek as well. Makes up the entirety of my social life in this city.

- Drea
[lepetitemort] Entirely to blame for my habit of drawing anime. ENTIRELY. First met her in an ancient Wheel of Time RP chat room, then found her again on LiveJournal, which makes me happy. Everyone wants to hump her leg. EVERYONE.

- Drew
[psytoasty] Never writes in his LJ. Ought to be beaten with a stick for this. Talented artist and oekaki GOD. Fanboy. Tall, pale, part British, part Canadian, and therefore backward and weak (not really). Recently graduated high school, go him!

- Emily
Longtime love interest of Michael, now out of the picture (seemingly permanently). One of the secondary sources of most of the drama experienced in my high school years (first being myself). Has a history of lousy relationships with jackasses, family trouble, and eating disorders. Has a tendency to attract idiotic, dangerous, and generally unpleasant people. Can screech so high that it causes dogs to bark for miles. Earned herself a horrible reputation (without actually doing anything) and claimed the name "The Goddess Bitch", and wonders why most people did not like her in high school. Is more intelligent than her behavior indicates, though she occasionally lacks much common sense. Apparently moved back to Houston recently.

- Emma
My youngest sister (11 years my junior). Displays a surprising amount of logic and reasoning ability for a young child. Enjoys being tickled. Likes pink and sparkly things. Often used as a plaything by Nicole, who has outgrown dolls and will instead put makeup and hair stuff on the poor kid. Better Emma than the dog, I guess... Does not get along so well with Gabriel.

- Gabriel
[gabebravo] Formerly dontbeatme. My brother (5 years my junior). Can be extremely amusing or extremely irritating, depending on the mood of those who encounter him at any given time. Possesses a great talent for comedic timing and slapstick. Can play almost any instrument and a few things that are not instruments (garden hose, cat). I suspect he is destined to be the token chubby Latino man on SNL or some other sketch comedy show. Formerly in a band called TeamEXPLODING with victory_radio. Ran away in early June of 2006, currently living elsewhere. No longer in contact with me.

- Greg
[bammer] Artist with some of the most unique brain processes I have ever encountered. Draws stuff. Could not be reached for comment on the infamous Troutsex Incident. Formerly dating emperor_boy, they are now just friends dating just friends dating just friends again dating.

- Jenn
[jenn_dolari] Funniest person I know. Used to live in San Antonio, moved to Austin shortly before I got here (dammit). Draws/writes several comics. Has ridiculously pretty hair.

- Jonathan
Former boyfriend. Graduated from the same high school I did, the same year as Nicole. Actually dated Nicole for about a month. Nicole decided to hate him at some point after they'd broken up. The dislike is mutual. Became friends with Gabe, began spending time at our house. Beloved by the entire family minus Nicole. Began dating me in September of 2005, and broke up with me in July of 2006. Currently attempting to settle awkwardly into 'friend' role. Still not over him. Known as 'Shafer' in most of the journal comics. Attends the University of Houston honors college.

- Kelsey
[driftingfocus] Encountered at a summer school session the summer before my senior year of high school. Responsible for introducing me to LJ. Knows aikido. Has done just about everything known to man, including sailing, re-enactments, street performing, and much more. Graduated early and spent a while in Dallas, near her boyfriend. Attending Hampshire College. Loves anime. Dating luminance.

- Kevin
[feyr] Former boyfriend. Computer Science major, graduated from Lamar University. Geek Extraordinairre, wishes to obtain some funk. Highly intelligent and has a goofy sense of humor. Plays around on Merentha. Voracious reader. Ticklish to the point of absurdity. Normal uniform is jeans and a gray t-shirt. Has been known to disappear entirely from the internet for stretches of time. Getting married to a chick who seems really cool in November of 2006.

- Michael
[neonid] Former love interest, now one of my best friends. Enjoys writing. Draws a bit as well. Enjoys mocking the stupid and has a very sarcastic and occasionally perverted sense of humor. Is a pompous ass rather often, but we love him anyway. Currently attending UT.

- Nicole
[my_left_toe] My eldest younger sister (3 years my junior). Apparently resembles me enough that I can pass for her mother. Maker of the infamous Crack Brownies and baker of more cookies than can be counted. Can be very passionate about music. Enjoys concerts and throwing parties. Possesses biting wit and cynicism. Wants to be a rock journalist for Rolling Stone in 1973, which will first require a degree in science to build a time machine. Is either Jesus or the Antichrist, we're not sure yet. Dated victory_radio for over two years, now single and on the prowl. I cannot believe I just wrote that. Attends Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Now goes by 'Lola'.

- Sän
[pussinboots] Responsible for my love of penwork, and also (I believe) for my love of color-coordination in clothes/makeup/hair, and my fondness for horrible mismatching in patterns and glaring colors. One of the most unique and honest individuals I have ever encountered.

- Set
[broken_bokken] Strange life form who used to live in Alpine. Has a black belt in Karate. Oddly pretty Now that I have seen him, absolutely adorable. Looks exactly like emperor_boy's character Bob when he has short blond hair. Moved to Houston to live with emperor_boy, then went back to Alpine.

- Tish
[emperor_boy] My 'daughter', we met in church and bonded over art. Has multiple characters and many, many, many alternate universes for the same basic group of characters, which addles my brain if I think on it too much. Enjoys stripes, fishnet, and her Bob Shirt. Her boots, jacket, and cyberwhore shirt have collectively made the entire world their bitches. She is a genetic fluke, being the only intelligent life form to exist in her family. Hates stupidity and angst. Has a suit fetish. Possesses Trout. Is Christ. Formerly dating jester4389, then bammer, then friends with both, then back with jester4389, then back with bammer, then just friends, then dating, then just friends, then sort-of dating, and then I stopped keeping track. I am pretty sure they are dating now, though. Joined the army in 2005, currently stationed in Georgia.

- The Trout
A trout I keep in my car or purse to smack unsuspecting people with when they behave stupidly. Has been known to sing. Also participates in many orgies/wrestling matches (it's so hard to tell the difference, sometimes), including the infamous Troutsex Incident.


- Family
Includes: My parents, Nicole, Gabriel, Emma, the hamster, and the dog. 'Adopted' or 'They might as well be' family includes: Tish, David, Jonathan, and multiple others.

- The Pervert Crew
Includes (but is not limited to): Greg, Drew, Tish, and Kelsey. Most associates thereof are generally absorbed into the perversion. Kevin and Michael are honorary members. John is also in the Pervert Crew, but no one bothers with him anymore...

- School (Band Geeks)
Anyone who attended the same high school as I, which usually means they were in band with me. Includes: Nicole, Jonathan, Michael, Emily, David (band members), Greg, John, Drew (non-band members) and many, many others.


- Houston
The city where I was born and raised, and met most of the folk you see listed above. I live with my family in our very, very large house. Because it is so large, we feel the need to fill it with people, and one or more of my younger siblings usually has at least one friend over. My mother and sister also enjoy throwing parties, so those are also a fairly common occurance.

- My Apartment
An efficiency in the campus apartments at UTSA, my apartment was my hidey-hole. I do not socialize, therefore I could be found there most of the time when not attending classes. Moved out in 2004. I miss it.

- College
UT at San Antonio - 2002-2004
Houston Community College - 2004-2005
University of St. Thomas - 2006-

- My Car
Tahoe of DOOM, setting for many a backseat orgy, multiple couple's makeout sessions, and the Pervert Crew. Also the setting for the infamous Troutsex Incident. All are surprised the car has not been smited yet.

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