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I want to be able to draw like mao. And wogs. And 4nton. And ghostfire. And wobblygoblin. Hell, just look over my 'friends' list. If you see an artist on there, odds are good I envy their artistic ability.

At least, I think it's a sonnet. It is based on the guidelines vampiricangel gave me...
O garden slug, your lovely visage shines
So glossy in the brilliant morning sun!
Offering a delicate trail of slime
Which I follow back to see where you are from.
Your speckled hide a soft and mossy brown,
Your limbless body is really quite odd -
Your eyes on stalks that can peer all around;
Indeed, a most strangely shaped gastropod.
You leave in your wake plants wilting and hurt
With little bits munched away from the green.
As you ooze your way through rocks and the dirt,
On my prize tomatoes you can be seen.
Eating plants is your nature, not your fault...
But I fear you need to meet Mr. Salt.

For that alone, I should be shot.

orochimike: So why don't you have a webcam yet?
jenni_the_odd: Um.
jenni_the_odd: still fat and lazy?
jenni_the_odd: That's my only excuse, really.
orochimike: Thats no excuse
jenni_the_odd: yes it is!
jenni_the_odd: Quiet, you!
orochimike: Go get one
orochimike: $30
jenni_the_odd: meeeh.
orochimike: or set up a paypal donation page on you LJ so you can be a cam whore
orochimike: your
orochimike: dammit
orochimike: I only know 2 other people with them, My parents and kristina
orochimike: and my parents have yet to go online
jenni_the_odd: Why do I need to get a cam? Go yell at Michael to get a cam.
orochimike: So that our conversations are more enriched
jenni_the_odd: ...
orochimike: It's true
orochimike: Having a visual aid is handy
orochimike: especially for cyybor sexxors
jenni_the_odd: ...
orochimike: A/S/L KEKEKEKKEKE ^_______^
jenni_the_odd: This is where I'd smack you with a trout...
orochimike: It means nothing without a webcam :D
jenni_the_odd: pbtptbbbtptpbtp
orochimike: see, that would've made sense if i had seen you doing it


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