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Hentai-ish online comics don't bother me. Nudity in comics is not a big deal to me; I used to shy away from drawing it myself but now I just don't care. It's a naked person. Wooo, big deal. Your comic revolves around sex? If you manage to make it interesting, sure, I'll read.
For the love of god, people, learn basic anatomy first. People simply do not bend in certain ways. Breasts don't... do that. Occasionally, people do have pubic hair. Attempt to learn to draw passably well before attempting an orgy scene. I rag on my drawings a lot, but most of the time I attempt to display a rudimentary grasp of basic anatomy. Make an attempt. Practice. If you can't hold the pose you're drawing in a mirror, then do not attempt to draw it, at least not until you are more practiced. You have no idea how many trees have died because I could not make a pose work. I will keep drawing something and erasing it until I rub right through the paper. Make sure you know what humans look like - at least make an effort to observe those around you. If you are female and have never seen a penis, a quick google search will aid you in your artistic endeavors. If you are squeamish about searching for cock online, then why the hell are you trying to draw it? *smack* I'm not even going to go into the watch-out-for-porn-star-proportions bit, because that's another rant in and of itself. Now, if you have a definitive style that is well-grounded and makes your people look innacurate, fine. That's a style. All the art looks distinctive, the reader assumes the nudes will as well. crotalus_atrox, flemco, both of them use a highly-recognizeable style. Very different from one another, yes, but I can easily pick their work out of a crowd. They are good and consistant with what they do in that the only change is a gradual improvement in their abilities, with minimal regression. But when you have no style, when you can barely tell the characters apart because you draw them differently every time, that is not when you need to draw the big love scene. Yes, I'm guilty of this. I hate that I lack continuity in my artwork. hate it. And I have been trying to fix it for years (succeeding... eh... well, there's a reason I've drawn maybe two sex pictures. Yeee-ah.).
Geez. Few things are more annoying than badly-drawn naked people. Even badly-drawn clothed people are scary, but better.

Nicole amuses me.

And... I am dumbstruck.

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