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Just remembered this...

I am so, so mean.
Well, at UTSA, there are some parking issues at the moment, as at least one lot is out of commission due to construction and will remain so through this semester. So it's pretty competitive. Add to this the sheer number of people living in the Oaks Phase 1 (where I live) who are too lazy to walk (it's sad, really... I see them leave their apartments, then I see them scouting for parking spots. They show no signs of discomfort while walking to their cars, so I am assuming they have legs that are perfectly capable of carryign them) and you get a lot of people - particularly in the afternoons since no one wanted to sign up for morning classes - trying to get to not as many parking spots.
So after classes let out, usually around the hourly mark, you get what I term 'vultures'. They circle the parking lot, scavanging for people walking to cars, and follow them in order to get their spot rather than park further away.
Now, I walk. However - I walk through several parking lots no matter which route I take. And I do not like being followed.
So, I play with the vultures.
I purposely weave in and out of the parking rows, between cars, watching them circle in frustration as I pretend not to know they're there. I wander up and down the aisles of parked vehicles as they tail not-so-subtley, hoping I stop and get inside one of the bloody things so they can stop chasing me. I've had some poor fellow follow me right up to the gates of the apartments before he figured out he was wasting his time. If he'd been paying attention to cars pulling out instead of people walking around, he might have noticed that half the lot was emptying. Silly.
What really confuses me is that they only follow me in the second and third lots.. the ones that are maybe 20 yards away from the back one, where parking spaces are available. I've never been followed when I'm actually close to a building. Apparently it is crucial to these folk that they not walk those extra 20 yeards. Because it will kill them. Or something.
I'm so mean.

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