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Someday I will get a paid account. And when that glorious day comes, I will go on an icon-making spree. And the masses shall cower in fear.
Or something. *cough*

What do you think of requesting permission to add someone to your friends list?
I generally add someone if I want to keep up with their journal - usually because I find them interesting based on their comments, entries (if it's not a friends-only journal), actual conversations I've had with them, or the content of their websites, if they have one. I don't only add people who I would trust with my deepest secrets - if I felt like sharing those, there are friends groups for that. I rarely make friends-only entries, and so my friends list is less "I would trust you with my life" than it is "I think you're an interesting person and I care about what you have to say".
Every now and then I've had people ask me if they can add me to their contact list on AIM (not often, but it happens). I'm a bit surprised by this. I figured, if they wanted to talk to me, they would. If they annoyed me, I'd tell them so. If they persisted, I'd block them or switch over to another screenname. The same principles apply on LJ; you can prevent a particular person from commenting on your journal, you can exclude them from your friends list or groups, etc. If someone is trolling and being abusive, you can complain and their journal can be suspended. I've got no problem with people adding me as a friend on LiveJournal without asking permission - if they want to keep up with my ramblings, they are free to do so. This is a public journal, and in my mind they have every right to read it. If I didn't want someone reading it, I'd make the journal friends-only. If I add a person whose journal is friends-only, that's often my way of tapping them on the shoulder and saying "hey, you're interesting". If they choose to add me, they can. If not, I will eventually realize it and remove them from my friends list (I often don't pay attention).

And now that I've rambled more, I'm going to go vaccuum and the like. Methinks she doth talk too much...

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