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kinkecybercidal has an awesome grandmother.

Every time I hear of someone having their art stolen, my first instinct is: KILL...
I think if I ever did encounter anyone stealing someone's art and claiming it as their own, I'd physically assault them.
I'm just thankful no one's been desperate enough to steal mine. I sometimes think I really would kill them.
"Look at my picture! I just drew it! I'm an artist!"
"That's a piece of my soul, you bastard. *STAB, PUNCH, KICK, THROTTLE, CLAW, BITE, BREAK*"

I keep meaning to clean my apartment, and each time I really do, if only a little. And it's still messy. Damn me. I also ought to take out the trash soon, but that requires pants... Hrm. A dilemma!

I keep seeing people who look exactly like folk on my 'friends' list. It's scary. I also see Makenzie-clones, which startles me even more. The count for Those With Makenzie-Hair (or at least come very close) is now up to something like 11.

I just duct-taped a box. No reason. But now I suppose I shall use it to store things in. Yay.

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