The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Am I...?

I dont do quizzes anymore, but I'm still a sucker for the goddamned surveys...

Stolen from various people who all stole it from illiana. Yeah.
Am I...?

A singer: Not by the choice of others.

A writer: I am capable of writing things, yes. Though my ability to physically write is dwindling, half the time I can't remember how to form letters, much less spell words. I write in this journal, and that's about it. Even the papers I turn in are usually just old entries polished up a bit.

An actress: If I lose about half my body weight, people might tolerate me onstage. 'Til then, I do them the favor of remaining in the audience.

A photographer: No. I leave that to Nicole. I take horrible photos and I can admit it.

A reverend: Nope.

A Computer Tech: I really ought to be, but I'm not. I attribute any success I have had in repairing computers to sheer dumb luck and common sense.

A good friend: Not really.

Attractive: No.

Creative: It comes and goes.

A good daughter: Well, I always forget to call, but other than that I generally avoid doing things that piss off or freak out my parents (the one thing I've done that I can remember was springing Kevin on them. I do not consider that my fault, the situation was rather sprung upon Kevin and myself as well. We dealt with it and so did they.) They treat me like an adult and I do them the courtesy of returning the favor. I like to think I'm through the "I-hate-my-parents-'cuz-they-suck" phase of adolesence.

A good person: Again, not really.

An animal lover: I often prefer animals to people. It seems as though most of my maternal instinct manifested itself in a love of small fuzzy non-human creatures.

An exhibitionist: Well, my journal is up for public viewing.

A voyeur: Not really.

A good kisser: Judging by Kevin's reactions, I would wager that I'm pretty decent.

A survivor: Physically, I can take a lot more than I let on (I just whine a lot). Mentally/emotionally, I am a weakling. Everything that happens chips away at me.

Well, now that that little smidgen of glee is out of the way...
Ooh, it's raining again.

Since the campus recreation center is under construction, I have located a gym nearby that I shall attend religiously. This works quite well for weight loss, because once having paid for the gym fees, I can no longer afford to eat. I'll be thin in no time!

I kid, I kid. If need be, I can devour the spicy brains of the students around me.

I really would like to lose some weight, though. I gained back a large chunk of what I lost just from inactivity and not paying attention to what I ate. Not a good thing. That, and my mother's constent questions as to how much weight I've lost, what exercise am I doing, etc. coupled with her tales of weight loss are starting to get on my nerves. I want to be thinner than her so she will shut up (such pure, noble motives I have).

I am laughing at Kevin's antics as he and his family play Animal Crossing. Note to self: If ever we live together, Kevin is not allowed to decorate.
Nor to dress himself. *snickers*

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