The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

I'd almost forgotten how much I love horses. You know how most girls go through a horse-crazy phase? Well, I never grew out of it.
Too... many... critters... on... friends... list...
Warm... fuzzy.... overload....
(on occasion, scaly overload. Someone had a pretty snake!)

Happy Birthday to crotalus_atrox!

...that the church I went to almost my entire life, was haunted. That at first my mom and I were the only ones to notice it, because our watches kept changing time to a specific number (I don't know what it was), but in the dream I told her it was the last four digits of the sku number on the book A Crown of Swords. Well, we were weirded out by that, and then I was upstairs in the youth room... but it was filled with old furniture covered by sheets, and tables full of tools and sewing implements. I started screaming when this screwdriver randomly lifted and started moving towards me - not to stab me or anything, just sort of slowly floating over. I grabbed it and felt something push me to the ground. I scrambled out the door, where my parents were talking to my grandparents about it, and told them what had happened. The shadows on the wall started to move whenever someone approached, looking like flame was consuming them.
Then my father and I were walking around, and I asked him if he believed there was really a ghost there.... he said 'no'. So I asked him what was going on, then, that was messing with my mother's watches, making objects float around, causing freakish shadows, etc. I cursed a lot, I was angry and scared. He said there was a logical explaination for it all.
When we opened the door to the Bethany room (a large room in my church, usually used for an elder's bible group), we saw in blood written on the walll; "tinder-box", and "firewood". I started panicking and told my dad that whoever or whatever was doing all this was going to burn down the gym (which is where the adult and youth rooms are, and is seperate from the part of the church with the sanctuary and younger children's classrooms). My dad shook his head and said they were going to torch the sanctuary. Everyone believed him and they wouldn't listen to me when I told them that nothing had happened in the sanctuary, and that the gym was really the dangerous place to be. My mother listened to me and got my sister and brother out of there (Nicole wasn't there), and we stood outside, shouting for everyone to follow us. They refused. We started to see smoke coming out through the doors and windows to the gym, and my mom nodded.
And I woke up.

Weird. The last time I can remember having a dream about fire, it was a recurring nightmare when I was little that our house was burning down, and I couldn't get out of my room and was burned alive. It went away after my mother showed me how to open our window-locks.

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