The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Observe as I rant. Watch and learn, kiddies.

ALL oekaki boards hate me.
I drew this, and as always, could not save it. There was a "image data transfer error". There is ALWAYS an image data transfer error. What the flying fuck is this error, and how do I make it die?
Oh yes, and that is Toby. Drawn while listening to Matchbox 20's Disease. His face is all kinds of slanty and wrong. I blame the fact that I get so horribly disoriented on a tablet - I attempt to turn it like I would a sketchbook and everything goes mad. His hair is also weird. It's supposed to be parted (sort of - the front part switches slants) at the left, and there it is more at the middle/right. His right eye is too far over. His eyebrows also have no shading or anything and are therefore brown lumpy doombrows. In case you could not tell, his ears were rather a last-minute afterthought. Unlike almost all of my female characters, Tobias here does not have hair that conviniently covers his ears when I just don't feel like drawing them. I also did not pull off the "pressed against the glass" look as well as I could have. Some reflection or at least highlights on the 'glass' would have helped. His shirt is a travesty of proportion and I made no effort to wrinkle it thoroughly or properly. Neck? What neck? There was originally a line somewhere, I erased it. I think. His lips turned out surprisingly okay - colored enough that he does not look like Zombie-Toby, and not so bright that it appears he's wearing lipstick. His hair was starting to get on my nerves so it got a half-assed shading and coloring job that I'm not overly proud of. I should have made it messier to match the rest of the picture better. His right hand scares me because I did not erase a few lines which gives his forefinger a disturbing shape. Must learn to never use own hands as reference, own hands are freakish things not normally found in nature. Are also fatter than Toby's hands.
But yes, that's what I meant about his eyes, though they're not quite the right shade. Half blue, half dark, dark gray. Inspired by Greg's dog, who has the coolest fucking eyes I have ever seen in my life on any creature, anywhere. Even cooler than those goldfish with the bulgy-eyes. Cooler than eyestalks. Yeah. At least, I think so.

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