The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Happy Birthday to nuriko8!

Had an interesting dream.

I was in Houston, with a bunch of band people - it looked like we were walking around Kroger/Walgreens after practice or before a game or something. I saw a magazine on the rack before I checked out and I noticed the name of my best friend from middle school on it - she apparently had a new book of poems out and was being interviewed. Then someone told me she was there for a photo shoot and book signing that day, so why didn't I go see her? I agreed, telling the band people to go on without me. Somehow the photoshoot/book signing was at someone's house. It looked like that of one of our neighbors. There was a long line, and finally she just came around and shook everyone's hand and said "Hi, how are you, sure, I'll sign your book", etc. When she got to me, I just asked "Remember me?" she smiled and nodded and moved on, and I was told to stay 'til the end. By the time the photoshoot ended (I remember that while Kara was always cute, she'd lost weight in my dream) it was dark outside - you could tell because the house had a lot of windows. We chatted for a while about meaningless stuff, then she asked what I'd been up to. I told her the usual, went to college, got a boyfriend, etc.etc. The same old stuff that is expected of most people my age. Then she started talking about how she had done so much work for people, how she'd helped society so much. And while normally this would get on my nerves, I jsut sort of sat there feeling like I was pretty useless. I woke up feeling similarly useless and dragged my carcass to English.

My mother gets upset when I don't call. Then when I do call, she is never at home in the evenings or is busy doing something like cooking 60 enchilada casseroles. So I ask her to call me then, and she says she will, but she does not.
WOMAN! Make up your mind! Or you get naught but e-mail from here on out!
My head hurts. I take a quick nap, then I go to Houston. Whee.

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