The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Awoke at 2:30 AM to discover Greg's rendering had been completed. Viewed it because I can. Discovered it was not anti-aliased.
Am just guessing, but I think he wanted it anti-aliased.
Am awaiting being yelled at or something for not being intelligent enough to realize that that was why it was going so fast, and not knowing enough about Lightwave to realize that feature existed.
Hunted down said feature, turned it on, and am now re-rendering. It is taking forever. Poo.
Went back to sleep, re-awoke at 10:00 to realize I'd slept through English. Dammit.
Am hating the phone. There are thirteen messages on it now, because incredibly annoying telemarketers call me at least twenty times a day (that is not an exaggeration, for the record) and I have taken to not answering the phone. All messages consist of: "*BEEP* ... *beep*". I kill something.
Went grocery shopping. I craved broccoli. Therefore, I now have broccoli. It's a beautiful thing.
Came back, and I swear I channeled my mother because I went into a cleaning frenzy. My kitchen is organized. Mom would be jealous. We (siblings and myself) attempted to explain to her that upon giving birth to one creative, messy child, she then proceeded to have more. Having more children, knowing damned well that they might just be every bit as creative and messy, was her decision. Therefore, she needs to quit whining about her house being messy and enjoy her neurotic, obsessive-compulsive*, artistic, easily distracted offspring. At least we make pretty messes.

*We all display signs of obsessive-compulsive behavior. I have sat down and renamed, reorganized, and categorized all my files on my computer. Including art and music. Because I felt like it. Nicole has seen me. I cannot stand Dreamweaver because it messes up my nice, neat, orderly code. I arrange my closet by type of item, then within those categories, by how often I like to wear it. I pick at anything (nails, scabs, anything textured - sometimes even on other people), and I have a tendency to put things in my mouth (I'm a puppy! Though really, you don't want to borrow my pencils. Ew.) and chew or suck on them near-constantly. I am fascinated by cutting things. There are several holes in my old jeans that are there because I was bored and had a knife, a pair of scissors, or even something moderately pointy such as a pencil. Nicole is a frightening person to watch when she's arranging her CD collection or cleaning her room. Expect a lot of hissing if you put a CD in the wrong slot. Her desk scares me. In Gabriel I have not seen so much of it, but he is easily distracted - and compelled to automatically do whatever-it-is that distracted him. Emma is obsessed with counting things. Usually water balloons. At any given time, she knows exactly how many she has and nearly has a panic attack if one should pop or go missing.

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