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I have a kitty.
... er... I didn't mean to acquire one. It sort of happened on my way back from Spanish. Some girl was leaving it by the side of the parking lot, yelling back to her boyfriend that the cat didn't know where it was, and her boyfriend yelled back that he didn't care; they were late. So she saw me, said "hey, you want a kitten?", and we all know I can't say 'no'.
I, however, have literally nothing to feed kitty. And no car to go get food with. Hrm. Will see if Kevin-from-Spanish has a car. If not, I start knocking on doors. Tomorrow I take the furball to the nearest animal shelter (assuming I get my car back. If not, well, I'll have a kitten for a few more days. Either way, I will get him some food tonight.
While kitty won't hold still long enough for me to tell what gender it is (and I am not used to sexing kittens), I am going to refer to it as a 'he' for now because it is easier. He appears to be healthy, his fur isn't patchy, eyes, nose, and ears are clear, I see no fleas or wounds on him. He's black, with a white underside - neck, belly, a blaze on his face, and paws are all white. He is very sweet and trusting, and is currently kneading my lap with his paws and purring as he goes to sleep.
I know something about raising most animals, but sadly I know very little about cats specifically - I have no way of telling how old he is, even by approximation. He's very obviously not full-grown, though.

EDIT: I do not get to keep kitty; my apartment does not allow pets. Therefore, kitty stays 'til I have a car and can take him to an animal shelter. Or find someone who wants him. I wish I could keep 'im, though. He's so very sweet.

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