The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Lem is a pretty-boy with wings.
I suppose this means Greg will try to kill him, now. Darnit.
Happy birthday to manhattan!
Well. So. Hrm. It's winter. It's below 70 during midday in southern Texas, therefore it is now winter. I'll hear no sass about how that is not 'cold'. Because then I will bring you to Houston in the summer and watch as you shrivel and DIE.
It's also very dark and gray. Lovely, really.
Every time I talk to my father he brings up the topic of my major. Damned if I know, dad.
I tried to draw something last night, first on OpenCanvas, then on paper. Wasted two hours trying. Nearly burst into tears because it wasn't working at all.
My legs are itchy.
Kitty is driving me crazy. She's insane. No, I cannot always play with you, I have papers to write. I have a book to read. Stop eating my toes. My hair is not food. Quit knocking everything off the desk. Do not climb in the refrigerator.
I swear if she wasn't so damned cute... it's a survival mechanism. It must be. At least she's not destructive. Well, except to that roll of paper towels. She attacked that thing like her life depended on it. I figure I'd rather have to pick up little shredded bits of paper towl than deal with scratches on the walls or furniture, so I let it be. She also licks my shoes when they're not on me, which I find very amusing. And a bit gross. I mean, come on. They're my shoes. Ew.
Was nauseous all day, began dry-heaving at one point. Remembered that eating on occasion is a good thing.
<whine> I miss Keeeeviiiiin....</whine>

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