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I just realized I should have been in Algebra half an hour ago. Whoopsie.

I steal surveyness from dechanique, because she has the cutest mood icon set in existance. Really. Go look.

1. What's your name? Jennifer [uber-secret middle name] Bravo.
2. What do you prefer/your friends call you? Jenni. I am also known as Jenneh, WENCH, crackwhore, and Jennimommy, depending on who's talking to me. Kevin called me something along the lines of 'schnoogums' once, and I think his beating for that is still pending.
3. Feliz cumpleanos! Cuando? I was hatched from a space egg, and therefore have no true birthday. Or I forgot. One of the two.
4. Sex: Either I am female, or I have been horribly, horribly lied to.
5. Zodiac sign? Not sure.
6. Birthstone? emerald, I think. Or sapphire. I think it's emerald. I like blue and green, either way.
7. Religion? none really. Raised Christian, rather dislike attending sermons but the objective study of religions interests me greatly.
8. Whatcha think of the survey so far? Why do surveys ask this? This appears to be a fairly run-of-the-mill one...

Domestic Things
1. Do you like to shop? Depends on my mood and what I'm shopping for.
2. Whatcha shop for? When I shop for clothes, if it's for me and only me I will make a quick swoop, go in, find something I like, see if it's available in my size, find out how much it is, and decide if I really need to buy it. For someone else (i.e. mom sends me to get Christmas gifts, or in a place where a lot of clothes really suit someone else), I will spend longer, usually figuring out their size. For food, I will spend HOURS in stores contemplating price vs. calories vs. fat vs. what-have-you. And then leave the store with an apple. I am REALLY annoying like that. I also have a habit of forgetting crucial items, so I wind up going to the store every day and just getting one or two things. Sometimes twice. I need to remember to make lists and TAKE THEM WITH ME.
3. Do you enjoy pumping gas? It doesn't bother me... it's not really a favorite hobby of mine...
4. Does hockey control you? I have very little exposure to it, if any.
5. Are you fat or ugly or do you just THINK you are? I personally believe myself to be the most hideous thing that has ever walked the planet. I am dead serious. I have broken down in tears because of it, and I have spent many days at a time inside because I do not feel I ought to force the rest of the world to look at me.

1. What do you consider yourself to be? Me. Usually.
2. How about those assholes at school? I have yet to encounter assholes at school. Then again I don't really interact.
3. And your friends? Um. I guess 'friends' at school would include only Kevin-from-Spanish. Other friends are in other cities, therefore I see them face to face very rarely. But I have this thing about not befriending idiots. Lunatics, yes. But no idiots.
4. Do you give a damn about the world? Varies according to my mood. But usually yes. Dammit.
5. Do you like purple? I enjoy it.
6. Is hockey all you ever talk about? This is a Canadian survey, isn't it? No one told me it was a canadian survey.
7. Are you a rocker chick? Nicole would laugh at you for even suggesting that. No.
8. Are you the definition of genki? Not last I checked. Whazzat mean, again?
9. Do people call you adorable? Few have made that mistake. Fewer have lived to regret it. At least so far as physical. I've been told my personality is everything I am not - sexy, attractive, and cute. Somehow. My personality has been called adorable, which usually just confuses me.

1. Best Friend: Kevin, I suppose. Most of my friends are fairly equal...
2. Best Guy-friend: Kevin. Michael, perhaps. Um.
3. Best Girl-friend: Tish. And... uh.. I dunno.
4. Most Random: Pervert Crew. As a unit.
5. Mentoric Friend: If I knew what that meant I'd have a better answer. Since I don't, I will guess - and I guess that none of them really qualify for this title.
6. Most Adorable: All at various turns.
7. Most Weird: ... You're asking me to decide which friend is the weirdest? It would break my brain to try to figure it out.
8. Most Genki: er... pie? [I will steal dechanique's answer, as it seems appropriate]
9. Most Perverted: There's a reason we call them the Pervert Crew. And Kevin. Both of them.
10. Best Online Friend: They're all online... I don't live near any of them. Even Kevin-from-Spanish is spoken to more online than in person.

1. Was your past a dark one? Define 'dark'. I did the angsty-goth thing... does that count?
2. Do you even HAVE a past? Everyone does, some just have pasts that are extremely dull.
3. Was your childhood happy? I remember some happy and some not-so-happy. When I was by myself or onstage, I was happy.
4. Do you cut yourself to make yourself feel better? That, and I use the blood in pictures sometimes.

1. Do you enjoy the fast food? Sometimes I crave it, other times it is yukky.
2. Do you like sports? If so, which (say hockey and you're automatically Chappie-san! j/k!)? I swear this is a Canadian survey. And no, not really. Unless marching band counts as a sport (AS IT SHOULD), because I am a hopeless band geek.
3. You get high on chocolate? I have to ingest either huge quantities (which usually results in me throwing up) or just a little after a long period of no refined sugar. Then I practically glow in the dark.
3a. So, you're naturally hyper? Not naturally, no. Naturally, I am a slug.
3b. No? Do you take Stacker 2 then? Nope.
4. What's your kinda music? it varies a LOT.
5. Do you have a fave singer/song? At the moment, Fiona Apple's "Paper Bag" and Reel Big Fish's "Fuck Off Song".
6. Does rock music bug you? Not unless it's played loudly in my ear, or unless a particular song makes me want to kill things.
7. What's your fave TV show? No TV, therefore no favorite. Used to be anything on Adult Swim, or Daria... the old British Whose Line Is It Anyway? eps are very funny. Drew Carey makes a sucky host, in my opinion...
7a. For those Anime otaku, answer here! ...

Random Questions
1. Do you have a squeaky mouse voice? Not unless tickled.
2. Are you 5'0" (be honest now, *coughpannycough*)? I think it'd be nice to be shorter. I dislike being so tall. I'm 5'9"-5'11" depending on who measures me and how straight I feel like standing.
3. Are you a skinny toothpick or a fat lard-butt? Fatty McLardAss, thanks.
4. Do you constantly move (walk, turn around or stop) like a supermodel? Not purposely.
5. If you were to create your own video about yourself for your new found friends to see, what would you feature? As few actual shots of me as humanly possible. Perhaps a day in the life of Jenni, with the camera seeing what I see and my voice narrating my thoughts.
6. Do you own the biggest website in 2 countries? I own no websites.
7. Do you live (or are feeling (want really badly) to go) in Toronto? CANADIAN SURVEY! And no, I have really never had any desire to go to Toronto.
7a. Do you have a nickname for Toronto? ... no...
8. Do other so called otaku say that you're not an otaku? No one has mistaken me for an otaku in YEARS.
9. Do you have muses? I used to.
9a. Do you huggle your Inuyasha muse? I.. don't have an InuYasha muse...
10. Do you have an Anime library? Nope. The anime selection I have is quite pathetic, really.
11. Do you give your IRL non-otaku (or otaku) friends Anime names? No. And last time someone attempted to add "-chan" or "-sensei" to my name, I threatened them with physical violence. Unless you are a native Japanese speaker, you just sound like a moron.
12. Do you enjoy gay vampires? Don't we all, really?
13. Do you visit Kinokinuya weekly (I hate you if you do!)? Huh? whazzat?
14. What are your feelings towards humanity? ... (no, really, that's it. "...")
15. Do you give great advice, but have the personality of a 5 year old? Apparently the first, probably the second.
16. If you were institutionalized in your current mindstate, what would you do on your first day? Probably do much what I do normally - sit there. Gibber to self, eventually fall asleep.

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