The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Somehow or other, it turns out that (a) I am adopted and (b) my sister is lepetitemort who is also Kara, my best friend from middle school. At first I am confused, but then I just go along with it, reasoning that their personalities are somewhat similar and they look a wee bit alike (and somehow this means they are the same person).
Well, it turns out we are triplets and we have another sister, so we go and live with her in a rather small town. Her father is the mayor. She looks like a cross between Emily and Kara, and acts like them as well. So we are all under the roof of a rather dim-witted woman who resembles Kara's mother and her father who is very abusive in ever way possible, and we hate him. Right before the election for mayor he gets worse than ever and we decide to bring charges against him then. We were in a courtroom listing his crimes against us, and he was getting angrier and angrier, and then when he saw the jury believed us entirely, he started getting very pale. He began to pray and I screamed at him "How dare you invoke the name of God, you---!" I sputtered and hissed "There are no words evil enough for what you are." He lunged at me, trying to choke me. Someone said "That's another assault, add that to the list" and I woke up.

Doo be doo be dooo.

Someday people will catch on that Keenspace is a free service run by people who do have other things to do besides take care of it 24/7. They will also catch on the bitching gets you nowhere because IF YOU DON'T PAY, YOU HAVE NO LEVERAGE. Sorry. They're giving you space on a server in return for a dinky banner ad that probably doesn't generate near enough revenue to excuse your existance. If you want a more reliable server, join Geoshitties and quityerbitchin. Or pay them. Your choice.
Someday people will also live in peace and will worship me as their queen.
What? I can dream.

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