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Several people on my friendslist are doing the meme involving making a comment to everyone on your friends list and not saying who you're speaking of. It is driving me absolutely batty trying to figure out who I am in those lists. aaaaaarrrrgh*tearsouthair*.
Since I have 304 people on my friends list (yeesh), such a list might take quite some time.

Pondering MeatFest.
Well, that only sounds a little odd. MeatFest = a restauraunt Greg wants to take everyone who rendered for him for his Culture Shapers competition to, as he won second place. It is known for serving large platters of MEAT (and since this involves three carnivorous teenage boys... there will be much meat consumed).
Greg and I seem to have fallen into something of a Michael/Emily pattern relationship, save for the fact that I don't know what will hurt him and never intended to cause him any pain whatsoever. But yes. We squabble, feelings are hurt, then we act like nothing happened until the next argument. It's perplexing and no small amount of stressfull.
But he said he wanted me to go out to eat with the others (Tish, John, and Drew), as this is his way of paying everyone back for rendering for him.
Thing is, I fucked up the rendering. I didn't render it with the anti-alias on, and so it had to be done over and that messup resulted in a lot of clipping and editing so he could make the deadline. Also, all rendering required was that I leave my computer on one night. Big deal. Hardly requires being 'paid back'.
I don't feel right accepting a nice dinner from him when I didn't really do anything.
But when I said I wasn't sure I wanted to go, he started to offer to stay home and just the rest of us go out togther. Fuck no. It was unintentional, but that made me feel guilty for ever saying anything resembling even a 'maybe' (there are about four people who can make me feel guilty for so much as breathing without ever intentionally doing a thing. Greg is one of them).

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