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There's gonna be a mercy killing.

jenni_the_odd: Alex is parading around in a SpongeBob SquarePants costume
feyr: *chuckle*
feyr: Spongebob and sports are the most popular things on cable right now.
feyr: It occurred to me what a strange juxtaposition that was. Spongebob and a whips and chains series. ....Spongebob Bondagepants?
feyr: *smirk*
jenni_the_odd: *bashes head on wall*
feyr: My brain keeps shutting down and restarting after a few seconds of thinking about it. x_x I'm stuck in an infinite loop of a heavily pierced Spongebob in leather pants and then I start thinking of an outfit for Patrick and I just go blank. x_x
feyr: And it won't stop...I thought getting Hanson songs stuck in my head was bad. *sniffle*
feyr: *gasp* Google search comes up with nothing...I think this is a job for a horribly perverted artist.
jenni_the_odd: uh-oh
jenni_the_odd: *hides*
feyr: Unfortunately, you're the only artist I know, and apparently you're not horribly perverted enough. ...well, there's Mark, but his head would explode just at my mentioning it...he'd never make it through an attempt at drawing it.
jenni_the_odd: hehehehe
feyr: *tsk* Wouldn't you know, I manage to think of something I could offer the world, and it's so terrifying that nobody will touch it. *snicker*
jenni_the_odd: hehe
jenni_the_odd: ah, the irony.
feyr: Wait! There's always slash fiction. While I can't draw, I do know how to write!
feyr: Now if I can just figure out a foolproof way to perform a self-lobotomy afterwards...
jenni_the_odd: *snerk*
feyr: *blink* Someone is writing an Angel/Spongebob slash crossover.
feyr: Wow.
jenni_the_odd: *CRIES*
feyr: "Also, Angel/SpongeBob Squarepants slash coming soon. "
jenni_the_odd: .....
feyr: This is where we get out sandwich boards and write "The end is nigh" on them.
jenni_the_odd: indeed
jenni_the_odd: I'm pretty sure one of the horsemen is yellow and absorbant
feyr: I mean, I could understand Spongebob and Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but Angel?
jenni_the_odd: jenni_the_odd (1:04:55 AM): I might be forced to shoot him as a mercy killing.
neonid (1:06:26 AM): I can provide firearms.
jenni_the_odd (1:06:40 AM): good boy.

jenni_the_odd: *BANG*
feyr: *smirk*
feyr: *dies*
feyr:'s this for a plot:
Spongebob has died, and come back as a zombie, and meets Oz-as-werewolf on a dark night and falls in love...
feyr: Gaaah!
feyr: I'm a sick, sick man.
feyr: I need help. *sob*
jenni_the_odd: yes.
jenni_the_odd: *brick*
feyr: *dies again*
jenni_the_odd: The kind of help only ACME Bricks can provide
feyr: *dies comically*
feyr: It's that episode I watched while eating today that did it, I swear. The one where Patrick and Spongebob are fighting, and then their pants rip and fall down and Patrick is wearing yellow underwear and Spongebob is wearing pink, and they're like..."Pink!" "Yellow!" "You do care!"
feyr: I was very disturbed to find myself looking at Patrick's bulge.

And I willingly share a bed with this man. Dear god.

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