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Revenge of Son of the Big Honking Entry that Ate New York.

I neglected LJ on the actual days, but a belated Happy Birthday to both illian and avaaricious!

If my waking up at 5-6 in the morning two days in a row is any indicator, I'd say I've stopped the nocturnal tendencies. Go me. Also been eating properly. Now if only I could motivate myself to do more exercise than hundreds of situps (my stomach hurts...) and playing with my little 8-lb weights...

Gorgeously cold outside. Sleet, some ice, everything is gray and beautiful. I love gray days. I should move to England (though then I suppose they'd be 'grey' days, which are every bit as delightful and only sounds a little snobby).

I will be getting a dresser! This means I can rearrange things, which has always amused me. I will also get to put my underwear somewhere that doesn't render it visible to anyone who enters the room, which is very nice. The dresser is one that was in my room when I was a baby. It matches absolutely nothing in my apartment (more my mother's concern, really), but I don't give a damn. It's big and clunky and full of space. It fills me with glee. I enjoy the word 'glee'. Gleeeeeeee. Say it aloud. Gleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Right, then.

Everyone on my friends list is so disturbingly attractive. Also, jska has what is possibly the most adorable snake ever. Eating little pinky mice, no less.

AUGH! Yesterday I sat in this chair with wet hair (it's a green plastic lawn chair with a blanket draped over it) and as I sat on the edge, I guess a puddle of hair-drippings (that sounds gross) collected behind me. I just sat back and discovered that it had not quite dried. Either that, or someone snuck into my apartment with the sole purpose of peeing on my chair.

Did eventually meet this guy at IHOP yesterday, where he proved to be a reasonable, intelligent, entertaining human being who only slightly resembles someone likely to chop me up into little pieces. As I am still running on the assumption that Kevin-from-Spanish moved to Guatemala, changed his name to Maria, and began a new life there as a prostitute, I will no doubt rely on poor David to be my sole supplier of social interaction. At least when jenndolari is not in town. Upon exiting the IHOP, I discovered the weather had suddenly gone wonky, leaving me with a sheet of ice covering the driver's side of my car and my windshield. Cars shouldn't... crunch when you open them. There's something disconcerting about it. I did eventually wander home, as my typing this would suggest.

While doing laundry two days ago, I sketched some quick character pictures for the cast page. A woman stopped as she walked past, asked if I was drawing my characters, and pointed to Jared, saying he was cute. Hooray. (I much prefer how I draw him now as opposed to how he was drawn before. He is cute.)

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