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... Oops, I was supposed to restart ML, wasn't I?
My bad. I seriously haven't worked on anything more than a scribble and the Magical Happy Fun page in the past week or two. Actually, the Magical Happy Fun Page was done over the course of about a month (might be two or more, really, I forget - let's just say a long time), which is where all those nifty variations in the colors come from. Mmmm, oxidization. I want to get some acrylic mediums to blend with the blood to see if I can mess with the consistancy and do other such nifty things. I have a few ideas for blood paintings, but it would require such amounts of blood as to render me a shriveled-up prune, and I could never do what the women in blood_art do; it's cool, but I try to avoid even thinking about that area of my body when it's participating in the Monthly Mutiny of PAIN. So perhaps an extender of some sort. I ought to look through the watercolor mediums as well; I've always wanted to use them but I rarely do anything watercolorish. And blood is more like watercolors than acrylics, really.

... I hope no one squeamish read that paragraph. Whooopsie... *cough*yapansy*cough*

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