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"Two indie guys dancing alone in a small room is completely illegal." - victory_radio

For the first time that I can remember, I am actually begging my body to end the PMS. Please. Pleeeeease. Yes, I will gladly accept agonizing pain in return for mood swings that make me go from apathetic to suicidal in .3 seconds flat, and back again a few minutes later. It's wearing me out.

They took about seven vials of blood from me (I think. I stopped counting after five, which I held in my hand. I know there were at least two more after that). Either the doctor is trying to be VERY thorough, or he was a leech in a past life. Maybe he runs a bar for vampires or something. Anyway, I am very large, so I did not really miss that amount of blood. I did get a bit dizzy an hour or two later, but that's been going on for the past few days (mostly dehydration - and today I wasn't allowed to drink anything from midnight to leeching time), as have the headache and queasiness. I expect they'll go away soon, but because I am a pansy, I did not drive to Houston. Will be doing that tomorrow.

Frank scares me, again. First the electroshock therapy lights at Christmas, now this. That goat has no dignity left.

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