The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

I dreamt that there was a school for 'special' children... those with extraordinary intelligence or powers. That long ago the originals had been frozen and cloned, and their genes mixed - sometimes with outsiders who showed promise, sometimes with each other - to produce thousands of individuals who were akin to superhuman in their abilities. I was with a group of people, a blonde girl, a blonde boy, and a brown-haired boy. We were sneaking into the school because there was a war going on to overthrow the "Specials", who had run the world for ages, but were starting to treat normal people extremely unfairly. We had gotten over the walls and were in a beautiful garden. We were absolutely awestruck, as most vegitation outside of that necessary for food and air had long since dwindled into extinction. We were hissing to one another to be quiet, otherwise we'd be caught and exiled because the Specials (when awake) knew when someone unlike them was in their presence, and the only Normals allowed within the confines were the janitorial crew, whose uniforms we lacked. We heard footsteps and panicked. The blond girl got the idea for us to lie down and pretend we were sleeping outside, but we said that was stupid, the kids there had special dorms to sleep in, and probably wouldn't be allowed to sleep elsewhere due to the war. The others were trying to figure out what to do, when I stopped and said "Haven't we done this before?" they looked at each other and shook their heads. "I mean, it feels like we've already done this, but in a past life or something..." It sounded stupid even to me, so I dropped it as the footsteps got closer. Someone was speaking as they walked:
"Yeah, we'd better go wake the girls up, too. Tell Jonathan, would you?"
[I knew Jonathan to be one of my classmates from high school, though in this dream we'd not attended the same high school, and I merely knew what he looked like.]
The door slid open and we all pressed against the wall next to it, hoping not to be seen. We were all cursing our luck - our informants had been wrong, we were supposed to have a good hour before they all awoke. Then someone called the person who was entering away, and they left. We breathed a sigh of relief, waited until they were gone, and folllowed. Immediately I was seperated from the others by a mob of the Special students, who were roaming about - we'd entered their dorms. They weren't wearing any uniforms, just normal clothing, so I walked along with them, praying no one would notice who I was. I turned around to see one girl [a character I was going to put in ML but might never get the chance to] with blue streaks in her hair staring at me. I knew she was a telepath, and I knew she knew I wasn't supposed to be here. I braced myself for capture and death, but nothing happened. She raised an eyebrow, smiled, and walked on. I ducked into a side hall to try to recoup while my heart stopped beating so fast. I couldn't figure out why she'd not reported me, nor why I knew she wouldn't do so as soon as she was out of my sight. I chalked it up to her being able to communicate mentally as well as just read thoughts, and looked around. I was in the bathroom. I heard people coming, so I slipped into one of the shower stalls and listened.
"Did Anna leave any shampoo for us?"
"With all her hair? Yeah, right."
Running footsteps. "Hey, you guys, they caught some intruders!"
"You're kidding."
"No, really! There's two of them! They're in the cafeteria, come on!"
I heard the people leave, waited a while. Two of my crew had been caught. Who had escaped? And why? We should be easy targets now that everyone was awake. I finally got the courage to slide the door back open, and standing in front of me was the girl with the blue-streaked hair, from earlier.
"You going to take that?"
I looked down - I was holding a blue bar of soap. I put it back. "Who are you?"
She shook her head. "No, who are YOU? I've never seen you here before, and you're not one of us, but aside from the fact that you're utterly confused and panicky, you fit right in."
"What do you mean, I-" I stopped and thought for a second. "Jenna. I'm Jenna."
She blinked at me. "Jenna? That's not the name you go by."
"No, it is. It was. I think."
She stared closely at me. "Let me see your eyes."
I looked at her.
"No, let me see your eyes."
I took out my contacts. She stepped back.
"What? I have weird eyes. I was tested to see if I was one of You, but I failed it. It's just a freakish genetic mutation."
She stared at me and I looked at her eyes - ringed with fire around the irises, like those of every Special. My eyes were entirely that golden burning color, ever-changing, and hypnotizing to look at. Sadly, I was told only those with the ring were Specials, so I didn't make the cut. Alex (the blond man on my crew) had the same quirk.
"Who let you by? And when did you take that test?"
"The testing was done at birth, like always. I don't remember where, or by whom."
"Why not? That's one of the things you're supposed to remember, like your personal ID number and your region code."
"I... I got in an accident, when I was 15. Got hit on the head. Lost pretty much all my memories."
"They never came back?"
"Nope. I had to relearn how to walk, talk, the whole deal. But when I still couldn't produce a PIN or testing info, I was tossed out because I had no way of paying, and no one came to claim me."
"That explains it."
"Freezing erases memory, did you know that?"
"No. They don't teach us about freezing, or much about you lot at all. Just that we have to do what you say."
"Really? Freezing erases memory. There weren't many people frozen, as it was discovered pretty quick that freezing a healthy person renders them pretty much an infant again and it was too much trouble to deal with. But there were some people who stayed frozen. The Firsts."
"The ones who started this school?"
"No, is that something else they told you? They didn't start this school, they were its first students. They were taken here because they had shown potential no one else had. There were fifty of them at first, then thirty, then 10. Between the testing and the standards set up, many died. Only 10 were frozen alive, though the genes from the others were stored for later. They were frozen because they tried to take over. Originally, this place was created by an individual who wanted his own army. The first generation couldn't do it - there were only 10 of them as opposed to hundreds of Normal guards - but the third did. They took over, and decided to raise those like them here. They started looking for others with potential. The second generation had been docile because they knew nothing of the outside world. The thirds were determined not to keep the students ignorant, so that they might one day be capable leaders. The school flourished. And now we're in charge."
"But you don't know what's going on out there."
"We do. We have livefeeds that show us different corners of the world, daily. One of our tasks is to analyze the feeds and make the incidents taking place more effecient, or figure out how to prevent them."
"No, you don't. Why else would there be a war?"
"There's not a war. There's a tiny rebel faction who thinks they're going to win. But they're too hot-headed and two few - they're the Civilian Firsts."
That was a slap in the face. "So we're just a joke to you?"
"Pretty much. You also have terrible informants. You're lucky I'm the only telepath in this block."
I sighed. "So what's the big deal with my eyes?"
"The only people on record having eyes like that, ever, Civilian or otherwise, were the Firsts."

Then came the waking up. Hmmmmm.

Damn, that's a long dream. I'm surprised I remembered it. It reminds me of the bastard offspring of T-893 (my oldest story) and Harry Potter. Ack, now I can't get that image out of my head... Harry Potter characters as the cast of T-893... that's not right. *shudder*

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