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Oddly enough, when I am with the people who encourage me to diet the most, my diet goes out the window. Bah! Bah, I say!

Okay. So:
- Mom and Emma arrive, unload, I HAVE DRESSER, YAY
- we visit a happy fun place called the Magic Time Machine. The waiters dress like... anyone (we spotted Jasmine from Aladdin, Batman, Zorro, Luke Skywalker, Tigger, and were served by Elvis) and they give SO much sass to the customers that it's hilarious. It's what a restaurant would be like if my family ran it. Zany.
- Emma feels sick, so we come home, go to sleep. Mmmm, sleep.
- wake, feed.
- Sunscreen:
Mom: Put on sunscreen!
Emma: *puts it on* Jenni, you didn't put on any sunscreen?
Me: I don't need any.
Emma: But you'll get sunburned!
Me: I don't get sunburns that actually hurt except in extreme circumstances.
Mom: You'll get skin cancer!
Me: Mom, I'm covered in... marks of SOME sort, and everyone in our family gets cancer. Accept the cancer. Be one with the cancer.
Emma: You'll get wrinkles!
Me: So?
Emma: So then no one will marry you!
Me: Why would I want to get married?
Emma: So you can have kids!
Me: Why would I want to have kids?
Emma: *can't think of an argument, amuses self with Spongebob Squarepants plush*
- Fiesta Texas. Woot-hah. There was much walking, I rode some rides with Emma, mom rode other ones with her, and we played some games. Emma had never been to an amusement park of any sort before. After four hours or so, she started to get tired.
- Mom and Emma rode on a carousel. Though no one was on it, one of tne of the animals was a rooster. I nearly exploded from not being able to make a comment about "riding a cock" to anyone. I am such a child.
- All in all, fun. And I kicked both mom and Emma's asses at some game two times in a row and won me a cute teddy bear dressed as a jester.
- naptime.
- At dinner, mom decides I am depressed. I laugh at this.
- After dinner mom admits her addiction to Krispy Kreme donuts (those things should be illegal, I swear to god). I can't eat more than one and a half or so without getting sick, but she can apparently put away a dozen. My mommy amazes me. I got her some donuts, saving the rest for Sunday breakfast. Also stopped by HEB to get a cake (explained in a moment). The poor guy working the bakery was just shutting off the lights when mom snared him and asked him to write 'Happy Birthday Joseph" on the cake we'd picked. Poor guy's handwriting was worse than mine, which says a lot. We chalked it up to him being tired and went our merry little way home and to bed.
- We awake at 7:30, cursing the time change, and scurry out the door to a church I've never heard of.
- Said church turns out to consist of about 125 members total, and about 12 of them joined us for the 8:30 service. Teensy. All songs sung fell under my "generic church song" category - they sound alike, the words are interchangeable, and they are completely forgettable. Hate those songs. But much preferable to the absolute CRAP the scary music lady at our old church makes the congregation sing. *shudder* Tish can back me up on this - the songs are shitty-sounding, and our choir... well, it's a religious experience when our choir sings, because people pray for it to end.
- We go and meet my mom's friend Philip and his three kids. Now, just before getting there, I was re-reading Ender's Game. Philip has an 11 year-old boy, 9 year-old girl, and an 8 year-old boy. It was the 8 year-old's birthday. The eldest boy was a bit of a bastard, especially to his siblings, the girl bickered with the eldest boy but was nice to the younger, and the little boy (whose birthday was today) was an absolute doll. I had a difficult time reminding myself that their names were Vince, Sophie, and Joseph instead of Peter, Valentine, and Ender, because I AM JUST THAT DORKY.
- We hang out with Philip & family and have a grand old time. Around 2:30 the overcast sky clears up and we are on Canyon Lake in Philip's boat. The kids wakeboard and generally have fun. I am splashed repeatedly with water and enjoy it.
- at 6 the kids have to go to their mom's, and Philip and mom are starting to get antsy because Philip has a lot of work to do (he's fixing up his new house... it needs a LOT of plumbing and electrical work still, which he does himself). So we head on out.
- Before we leave, a patrolman of some sort pulls Philip over and says he has to inspect the boat. So we sit for another 15 minutes while Philip fixes a light, his horn, and is warned (or written a ticket) for not having a fire extinguisher.
- We get to my apartment, they load up, mom and Emma leave.

And here I sit. I'm told my face is very red, but when I saw it in the mirror it didn't look too bad. And it doesn't hurt, so I don't care. :D I am getting a visible shirt tan, though. Doesn't really matter, as I avoid sleeveless shirts like all hell due to armfat. See, I'm one of those fat people who is considerate of those who have to look at me. I don't wear spandex in public. Nor do I wear belly shirts, halter tops, or short-shorts (not at this weight, I don't. I didn't have a choice sometimes at other weights when I stole Nicole's clothing). The big black jacket is my friend and yours. Embrace the jacket. Love the jacket. Give the jacket money...

I (hopefully) get my car back tomorrow. Mmm, car. I've missed it.

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