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Happy belated birthday, bammer.

Spent the weekend with my mom's friend Philip, and his three kids Vincent (... 12? 13?), Sophie (9 but looks and acts about the same age as Vince), and Joseph (8). Absolutely beautiful kids. They enjoyed climbing on Gabriel. :D We told him it was karmic payback for all the times he harassed Kevin. I was apparently far enough over the line of 'adult' to get some respect, so I was not beaten and used as makeshift playground equipment. On Friday my mom and Gabriel got in and mom immediately insisted on going somewhere. I told her there is nowhere to go in San Antonio if you don't drink or enjoy dancing. None that I know of and are open Friday night at 9 PM, at least. We saw Phone Booth (after being told X2 was sold out 'til midnight), which is now just another reason for me to never answer my phone, ever. And also, Tish - Colin Farrell, the guy playing the main character, would make an pretty good Little Steven.
Saturday we were informed that the people who were supposed to come up and finish painting and/or installing doors, etc. hadn't been there. So rather than move stuff in, we cleaned up. I alternately cleaned and watched the kids. Later that evening there was a father-daughter thing... somewhere, and Philip and Sophie left us with the boys. We watched Ferris Beuler's Day Off and fun was had by all.
Today, Blonde Moment:
Mom and Gabriel packed up and left. I sit down at the computer to check LJ before a nap.
A few minutes later, there's a knock on my door.
Mom forgot her suitcase. :D

As per every visit with my family, I have eaten more in the past two days than I did in the past week. No wonder I gain weight every time I'm around them... My family is the AntiDiet. My stomach hates them all.

Was starting to get very worried about Kevin. But he signed on, therefore he is alive (I want to hear no sass and theories as to how he could be signed on while not alive, as that will result in public flogging. He LIVES). This is good.

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