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I'm not dead yet! I think I'll go for a walk! I feel HAPPY!

Been informed that I have once more gone a long period of time without updating, thus causing many of you to spread rumors about my demise. In order to confirm the fact that I am indeed still alive, I make a Useless Post.

I've been sleeping at 2-5 hour intervals here and there, and its' messed up what remnants of an internal clock I had. I keep thinking it's 7 PM or so; it's only half past noon... I've been up since 5 (went to sleep at around 2), and I'm just disoriented. Blargh.

I have lost weight!
... In my ankles. I HATE YOU, BODY.
I swear, while I was asleep or something my body parts had a conference to decide where I could lose weight that would be the least noticeable or helpful. I'm sure 'ankles' just barely got more votes than 'earlobes'. *grumble*

All my neighbors are gone (the joy of campus apartments) :D I'm all aloooone. It's so weird. My car looks lonely and isolated in the parking lot. As though none of the other cars would play with it.

GAH LOOKED OUTSIDE SUNLIGHT OW MY EYES... Uh, nevermind. [written at 1:24 PM]

I'll be oozing towards Houston on Friday. Whee. Wacky summer fun and hijinks abound!

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