The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

There was some talk of seeing Finding Nemo with Tish and Greg, but as there's been no contact thus far and I don't really want to go anyway, I shall assume that's off.

Got a haircut today. It's now evened out (it used to be shorter on the sides and come down to a point, almost, below my butt. Lots of split ends and whatnot), and short. Well, short for me. It's to mid-back. I really don't like it this short; I miss being able to move my hand slightly and play with the ends of my hair. It only got evened out, but that means there's a good five inches gone in some places. I saw it and I wanted to cry. My hair is the part of my body I dislike the least, and It's the one thing I get compliments on. I hate having to cut it, and I actually avoided it for a good two years until now. The part of losing weight I hate the most is losing my hair; I have half of what I used to. I'm terrified that I'm going to lose half of what I have now if I drop a lot of weight again. I know it sounds stupid, but my hair is literally the only part of my body I've never seriously contemplated just cutting off or otherwise mutilating. I know it'll grow back, but still... [whine, whine, bitch]

American Idol Junior (or whatever it's called) is on in another room. I can hear it, and it makes me sad for us as a species. It also makes my ears hurt.

I go back to San Antonio tomorrow and restart the job hunt. Anyone who called me while I was here has had something like three weeks to find someone new, so I'm not holding on to any hopes that I'll have a real lead when I get back. I'm trying to get my mom used to the idea that if I get a job, I'll be working as many hours as I can possibly manage - and I won't be taking time off for anything unless it's an emergency. Which means that the visits here will probably be fewer and shorter unless she has another work crisis where she's working 12-hour days or something along those lines. And the visits will be even rarer once school starts.

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