The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Weekend Summary.

Oh yeah, LJ. *prods it with sticks* I always remember to check my friends list, but I don't always remember to post a lot. To think I used to make an entry every time anything at all happened...

Friday I came home to discover that Tish had wandered over here to do laundry. She wound up staying the night because she loves my bed ('My' bed being a big brass beast that used to be my grandparents' bed). We all went to Ninfas for good 'ol greasy quasi-Mexican grub, and my dad scared the bijibbers out of me by sneaking up on us and putitng his hands on my neck to announce his arrival. I then refused to release his hands (my neck is powerful. Do not anger the neck).
Afterwards we walked to Baskin Robbins, noting the impending Apocalypse (the sky was colors that shouldn't be seen in landscapes). When we walked out of ye olde icecream shoppe, we realized we'd been wrong - it wasn't the end of the world, it was just the beginning of monsoon season. I don't know if there was hail or just really angry raindrops, but Gabriel and I were both going "ow, ow, fuckow, ow!" on the way to the car. I drove around to pick up Nicole, Emma, and Tish, then Gabriel wandered back to tell us mom had deserted us and gone home. Once safe in the dry comfort of our home... we went outside to play in the rain. Then we all jumped in the pool since hey, it's not like we could get any wetter by that point. Swimming in the Big Black Jacket is fun. :D
The next day there was the usual grocery madness in the morning and Tish and I made use of a gift certificate to Carrabas that our neighbors gave my family for pet-sitting their bug-eyed furball for a week. We ate pasta that was described as being shaped like "pope hats". Blasphemy is delicious.
Tish filled out an application for Texas Art. A lot of the people who worked when I was there are there still, and they seemed to like her. *hopes*
I went and visited my grandparents in the evening. They're so sweet. Half deaf, somewhat racist, and ornery, but it's a bit late to change them. The medications they're both on have made them the giggliest I've ever seen them in my life. I say it's a good thing. Bring on the drugs!
Sundays are generally largely uneventful even when there's a lot going on. Does that make sense? They always seem... slower. I remember when I was little we'd come home after church and our dogs would be lying in the sun coming in through a window. I'd lie down with them. Sundays are always warm and lazy, even when it's cold outside. Those are just the adjectives I've assigned to them. I'm always a bit sluggish on Sundays. Nicole wants to go to Texas Art to find a frame for a picture she found of my dad and his brothers that looks like the Peruvian version of the Beatles Abbey Road album cover.

Gabriel obtained a horrible-sounding ancient little keyboard from our church (they were going to throw it away. Now we know why. My ears bleed). He's playing Greensleeves like I'm not going to beat him with a fish for it.
Looks like I'll be going back to San Antonio tomorrow instead of today. Barring more monsoons, of course.

*starts a Stripey Tights Fund so that she might own every single color available* I especially want grey and rubine. But first I must lose weight so I can wear them with cute short skirts. Yay, diet-that-I-fucked-up-this-weekend-like-I-do-every-time-I-come-to-Houston! I really do. It's sad. I just give up and eat all kinds of not-good things. Nicole and her god-forsaken Crack Brownies don't help. *evil eyeball*
But soon, back to San Antonio and diet and exercise. And maybe job? Please, God? Job? *Big Sad Anime Eyes*

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