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Mmmmm, lima beans.

I did NOT go to West this morning because I foolishly thought that I could wake up after four hours or so of sleep and head off to the interviews. I woke up at half past noon. I am a slug. Yes. *oozes slime everywhere. Slowly*
I will go tomorrow or die trying.

broken_bokken: dontbeatme sounds very...spirited.
jenni_the_odd: he's very... something.
broken_bokken: And I don't mean "strong willed and enthusiastic," I mean "possessed."

Arizona Diet Green Tea is tasty. And in such pretty-pretty bottles. It'd be cheaper to buy tea in bags, but I'm such a sucker for shiny, pretty things that it actually overrides my inherent cheapness. :D

This is quite pretty. I wonder if I could make something even remotely akin to that... I'd need to bring my clay up from Houston, which I ought to do anyway. If I could find plastic leaves like that, I know I could make it. It's just twisted wire and beading.
OOOOH! I HAVE some clay! I just remembered! It's uncolored sculpey clay, which doesn't turn out as nice with as matte a finish as colored clay, but it'll do until I can either get my clay from Houston or find some spare cash to get new clay. Excellent. It's been forever since I've sculpted anything. I'll need to trim my nails.
... I wonder. If I offered to make little sculptures of people's characters, would they pay for them? Or jewelry, if I could make it well enough.
Crap, I've not gone near clay in years and I'm planning on selling the stuff. I need to at least see if my fingers have forgotten EVERYTHING I know, first.

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