The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain


I'm still alive, I swear.

emperor_boy and broken_bokken will have an apartment that makes me drool. It's big, gorgeous, good neighborhood, near a major street with accessible bus route, T1/T3 connections available, and not overly pricey. Yay!
With all the applications she's dropped off, someone had better hire Tish or I'ma spend some quality time with my beating stick and the managers of several establishments.

Spent much time this weekend with Tish, and both of us spent time with John and Greg (though the two must be kept in seperate terrarriums or they will fight). Greg took many pictures of me even after I asked him to stop, which greatly annoyed me. I hate how I look. It's bad enough that people see me when I go out in public, but the knowledge that pictures exist as a permanent reminder makes me feel sick. It does not help that I never photograph well at all. I will tear up any of me when I pick them up. I now also know where John and Greg each work. Buahahahaha. Or something.

I need to get another trout and make it into a purse. I can cut open a slit across the top to the side of the fin, remove the stuffing, and sew or glue on a zipper and possibly a shoulder strap. Voila, troutpurse. I also have this need to make little fuzzy bats out of pompoms and googly eyes. Must be that Craft Gene I got from mom.

Mom overheard me say I wanted to bear Eddie Izzard's children. This made her very excited, as I've given her absolutely no indication that she will ever be getting any grandchildren out of me otherwise. Silly mum. She ought to rely on Nicole, who loves babies. :D

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Well, that's pathetic. Only one thing to do now: HAVE SEX WITH HALF MY FRIENDS LIST WOOOOO!
... or not. Yeah, gonna go with 'not' on that one. Well, maybe a select few. But again, most likely not.
Is it sad that two of the people I've seen naked are my own siblings (leaving exactly ONE person I've seen naked in a sexual setting)? Possibly.

If this site is to believed, my birthday indicates I am:
Of unusual beauty [*ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR* wrong]
does not want to impress [ See above]
well-developed sense of justice [Hmm. Possibly.]
vivacious [I'm a human gastropod. No.]
interested [Not really. In anything.]
a born diplomat [Eh.]
but irritate and sensitive in company [Often]
often due to a lack of self-confidence [Yeah, sure.]
acts sometimes superior [Probably]
feels not understood loves only once [Okay then. Yay Engrish!]
has difficulties in finding a partner. [I don't want a partner...]

The "loves only once" thing is gnawing at my mind because I've been thinking about that a lot lately. Hrm. Eh, doesn't matter anyway.

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