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Mother of God, I have 357 friends and communities to read through on my friends page, and it's still not enough to keep me occupied.

Washed my sweater in the sink, I can hear it dripping into the bathtub. I've turned on winamp so the sound doesn't drive me mad.

Have not participated in the Harry Potter mania. Read the first three books some time ago, but didn't bother to reserve or even attempt to locate the new one. Unlike Greg and countless others, I did not shriek like a giddy schoolgirl upon seeing it had been delivered to my doorstep. After a few days the talk of "someone died!" was aggravating, so I sought out spoilers and I now feel no compulsion to read the book to find out what people are talking about. Maybe in a few months I'll get bored enough to reread the whole series.
I barely remember the story, really. Greg and Tish both commented on my apparently very good memory when I was last in Houston, but I remember random and normally useless things. It took me months to memorize my social security number. I still pause when I have to remember my birthday or age. I had to begin putting my keys in the same place every time I come home, or I have to spend an hour looking for them. But I could tell Tish and I were in the wrong Walgreens because of how the street and parking lot were layed out. My clothes can be in heaps on the floor and I know exactly where any given article of clothing is, regardless of how many items are on top of it. I never did remember any of my professor's names, but I recall the hair ribbon a girl named Heather was wearing the day she walked next to me on the way back from the library during school (second grade) so she could ask for advice on what to do about her friends. I remember playing with a red plastic barn and several little farm animals while in the waiting room with my aunt Alice. I believe that was when Nicole was born, though it's more likely to be Gabriel's birth as I don't trust my brain to recall things from when I was three. I can find almost anything a second time online, because I remember the various searches I did to uncover it (useful when I was researching for projects but forgot a URL)

And right now I'm just babbling until Zoolander finishes downloading, as Nicole insists I watch it. 10 minutes left.

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